Saturday, April 16, 2011

I don't feel very well ...

I am not sure how we did it ... but we went ALL year without the flu hitting our house.  We made it OVER 13 months with no flu.  Yes ... that's right ... 13 MONTHS!

Sure ... we had the tummy ache or head ache or ittybitty unexplained fever here or there ... but nothing that lasted more than 24 hours.

AND ... might I add ... we DID NOT do the flu shot in our house.  We did it one year ... and the kids were as sick as ever that year ... so I have never taken them back to get one.

To each their own ... don't judge me.

So ... once April rolled around ... I have to admit ... I thought I was scott-free on the whole flu thing.


Until ... last Saturday ...

When it hit Harleigh like a ton of bricks.

Well ... let me back up.

Last Friday was my ... birrrrr ...

Birrrr ...

Birthhhhhhhh ...

Last Friday was my birthday special day.

So ... my Mom decided to tempt fate ... and take the kids to a motel in Lawrence for the evening (along with a movie, pizza and swimming) ... and Clint and I could enjoy some "adult rated X alone time" for my birthday special day at our house.

To get the "full effect" of what I mean by my Mom "tempting fate" ... you really need to read this blog post  and this blog post.  Once you read these two blog post ... you will understand where I am coming from.

Go ahead ...

Read them ...

I will wait ...

*insert elevator music here*

Now ... back to this blog ...

Saturday morning ... I had a gut feeling that Harleigh was not feeling so well.

Call me crazy ... but after I caught her laying down on the floor with her eyes closed moments before we left for Eythen's soccer game ... I thought something was up.  Not to mention her red cheeks, sick looking eyes and pale complexion were some suttle hints as well.

But ... she INSISTED that she was fine.

So ... we rolled along.

As the afternoon rolled on ... Harleigh began to look more and more "icky".  She kept telling us she was ok ... and my Mom said that if she started to act sick ... she would call me to come and get her.

I knew moments after they pulled out of the driveway ... we would be getting a phone call.

Sure enough ... 7:00 at night ... Clint's cellphone rang ... and Harleigh wanted her Mommy because she did not feel good.

We brought her home, rented her some movies, got her Sprite, gave her some Tylenol and tucked her in nice and tight for the night.

That was until she was suddenly standng at the top of the stairs ...

Looking down at me ...

Nearly in tears ...

Telling me that she did not feel good.

*Harleigh takes off running to the bathroom

*Mommy takes off running after her up the stairs

*Harleigh is leaning over the toilet as Mommy gets to the top of the stairs

*Mommy enters the bathroom just in time to witness a full view of Harleigh puking in the toilet

*Mommy walks towards Harleigh to comfort her

*Harleigh pukes again

*Smell makes contact with Mommy's nose

*Mommy begins to gag

*Mommy gags again

*Mommy runs out of the bathroom trying not to puke herself while announcing that she is gonna puke

*Daddy is downstairs laughing at Mommy

*Mommy gags again

*Daddy hears Mommy gagging in the hallway and laughes even harder

*Mommy calls Daddy a bastered under her breath

*Mommy covers her nose with her shirt and goes back into the battle zone

*Harleigh pukes just as Mommy is about to flush the toilet

*Puke splashes up on Mommy

*Mommy gags again

*Mommy can hear Daddy laughing at her clear down the stairs

*Mommy calls Daddy a bastered under her breath

*Daddy comes up the steps with a cup of water for Harleigh, puts his shirt over his nose, reaches arm as far as he can into the bathroom without physically ENTERING the bathroom and sits cup of water on the bathroom sink

*Daddy looks at Mommy gagging in the bathroom and chuckles

*Daddy heads down the stairs

*Mommy calls Daddy a bastered again under her breath

*Mommy sits on the bathroom floor with Harleigh until the puking is done

Two things we have learned ...
1.  My Mom should never plan on taking the kids to a motel ever again.
2.  Puking stinks.  Literally.

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