Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day ... Part Two

My Mom was put through a grooling 3 days of test and battles this past Valentine's Day weekend.  I guess though ... if you are going for the title of "Grandma of the Year", the events must show your strengths and weakness.  And by gosh ... I am pretty sure she aced the test.  She did not even have to do what she did ... but she did it without a second thought.  Clint suggested we buy her a trophy or plaque ... and I am thinking that might be a good idea. 

Mom ... Clint and I PROMISE that we are gonna have your car detailed!  *wink*  You know ... kind of like the consolation prize for a job well done?!?!?! 

Well ... last time I was telling you about my "Romantic Weekend" ... I ended it on the statement that nothing was set in stone because it all could change in a blink of an eye (or a puking kid in a car).  THAT IS SOOOOOOOO TRUE!!! 

Saturday morning, my Mom called from the motel in Ottawa and suggested that she just come to my house and stay there while Clint and I went to Embassey Suites for our Valentines "get away" ... and then ... as long as no one was sick ... she would continue on with her plans of taking them to the Holidome in Lawrence on Sunday, so they could go swimming and play miniature golf.  Clint and I decided, between the two of us ... that if someone puked before we left on Saturday ... we were staying home and taking care of our little "sickies".  *fingers crossed* that no one vomits everywhere.

Around 1:00 in the afternoon, my Mom decided that Eythen must be better ... so she sent Clint and I out the door ... and she took the kids to eat and to see "Tooth Fairy" at the movie theater.  Brave person in my opinion ... because if it was me ... there is NO WAY I would be leaving the house if one of the kids puked less than 24 hours ago.  But ... like I said ... she earned her "title" after this past weekend.  (Now you see why a trophy or plaque should be bought after all of this?!?!?)

I called often through out the day/early evening.  My last phone call was around 7:00 ... while we were at the FREE HAPPY HOUR at Embassey Suites.  Now, for those of you that do not know ... Embassey Suites serves FREE drinks from 5:30 till 7:30 ... as many as you want!!!  (A little free advertisement for Embassey Suites right there!  Maybe I can earn a free night or something???  Although, if I did earn a free night ... I am not so sure my Mom will be so quick to volunteer on watching the kids.  haa haa)  So ... let's just say ... that at 7:00 when I was making my ump-teenth phone call for the day ... it was a wee bit hard to concentrate on the conversation I was having ... at that point in time.  From what I remember of that phone call ... all was well ... Eythen ate a good dinner ... and everyone seemed healthy!  SCORE!!!  GAME ON!!!

Let's skip past the rest of the evening and early morning ... so we can keep this blog rated PG ... and fast forward to 2:30 Sunday afternoon. 

Clint and I had just checked out of the motel and was gonna go grab some lunch ... when Clint's cell phone rings (my Mom learned a long time ago ... that if she needs me ... call Clint's cell phone.  99% of the time mine is either dead ... or I have NO idea where it even is).  AND that is when I hear those words all over again, "Eythen threw up in my car AGAIN!  We just pulled into the motel parking lot and was about to get out ... when Eythen decided to up-chuck." 

HUH?!??!  Did my Mom just say what I think she did?!?!?  AGAIN?!?!?!  SH*T!!!  Earlier that morning when I called to check on everyone ... she said all was normal and she had just taken carpet cleaner out to her SUV and cleaned the carpets to get rid of the smell from Friday afternoon.  You have GOT to be kidding me?!?!?!?  How am I EVER gonna repay this woman for what she has gone through this past weekend?!?!?!

So ... my poor kids and poor Mom ... who had been looking forward to staying in a motel Sunday evening for months now ... were heading back to my house ... AGAIN!

Clint and I decided to head right back home ... but there was a 40 car pile up ... which took forever to get through.  So a few hours later ... we finally pulled into our driveway ... not knowing what battle zone we were gonna walk into.  Was puke gonna be all over the floor?  How bad was my house gonna smell?  Was my Mom gonna be packed and ready to dart out the door?  Was Breeanna, Harleigh OR my Mom gonna be puking by now?  SH*T?!?!?!  Can we just keep on driving?!?!?!

Eythen was in bed ...

Breeanna was coloring in a book my Mom got her ...

Harleigh was playing a harmonica ...

WAIT?!?!?!  Did I just say harmonica???

Where did Harleigh get a harmonica at?!?!?! 

That thing is SOOOOO getting packed in my Mom's bag when no one is looking.  That is definately a Grammy J. and Papa Gene's type of toy that stays at their house.

And there was my Mom ... sitting in the recliner with a smile on her face.  Gotta love her!!!

5:30 ... my Mom took the girls to Dairy Queen to eat ... and came home with Breeanna puking.  I really could not even make this up!  This is a true story based on actual facts all of the characters actually took place in the events.

So ... I think I am gonna join the club of "I dislike Valentine's Day" with nearly the rest of the world.  Who do I pay my monthly fees to in order to be apart of this club?


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