The woman behind the pajama pants ...

I am just your typical Mom. I wake up every day and put both feet on the ground. Well ... actually ... on cold days I slide my feet into my comfy KU slippers ... then I hit the floor a running.

In our household ... there is never a dull moment. There is always chaos. Someone is normally tattling on someone else. One of the kids will complain about what I cook ... even if they asked me to make that meal 2 days prior. There is never enough money in the check book. Never enough hours in the day. I hide in the bathroom in order to get a 5 minute phone conversation with another adult ... but the little leaches seem to find me each and every time. I am the only one that can make a tummy ache feel better or a boo-boo stop hurting. Something seems to always break at the worst possible time. I am always tired. I never EVER get to watch a LifeTime movie ... start to finish ... with out any intruptions ... unless it is at midnight. I love Dr. Pepper, over sized sunglasses, lip gloss, large purses and flip flops. I would live in pajama pants day in and day out ... if it were not for the factor that the lady at the grocery store stares at me everytime I walk in with them on.

Taking care of my family is the most rewarding thing that I have ever experienced. Thanks to my hard working husband ... I get to stay home and "run the house". Because of Clint's scraped up hands ... I get to have lunch with my kids at school. Because of Clint's worn in work boots ... I get to wave goodbye to my kids each and every day as they walk into the school. I even get to see that last head turn ... followed by a smile ... and then a wave ... by one of my kids as they enter the school building. Because of Clint's dirt covered face at 4:00 ... I get to pick up my kids from school every single day. I get to hear about their day as we are driving home ... and hear the giggles, see the smiles and hear the stories. Because of Clint's devotion to providing for his family ... I get to take care of him. And right now ... at this exact point in my life ... I can not imagine doing anything else. Because of Clint's ... I am a S.A.H.M.

See ... just the ordinary Mom ... who loves her kids and husband with every inch of her heart and sole. Even though ... somedays ... I think they have stolen my sanity and hid it in the toy box.