Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine' Day ... Part One

Valentines Day ... a day that is about romance, kisses, love and the color Pink ... and ME!  That is my definition. 

Valentines Day ... just another day.  That is Clint's definition.

I had secretly been planning a full weekend for just Clint and I for about two months now.  My Mom volunteered to take the kiddos from Friday afternoon (she even came up Friday morning and went to all the kids Valentine's Day class parties) till Monday morning (no school on Monday).  I was so excited!  Clint has been working sooooooo, I mean SOOOOOOOOO many long hours ... we needed some couple time. 

I should have know better to get excited and look forward to something ... you would think I would have learned my lesson the zillion other times that things have gone wrong or not panned out just the way I thought it would.  Yes ... I know ... before you even say it ... I need to go with the flow.  Or some of you are thinking ... not everything always goes the way you want it to.  Or others of you are thinking ... what world does she live in.  Ok ... I get it.  Not everything is peaches and cream and life is a roller coaster so I need to enjoy the ride. But, sometimes ... I seem to think things out so much in my head that they become this fairy tale episode that begins to play out right in front of my eyes. But in all reality ... it turns out to be a soap opera with the title of "It's called Reality, Bitch".

Anywho.  I am not sure who was more excited.  The kids ... who made a count down last weekend, which they put on one of the doors upstairs.  My Mom ... who was sending "Dear Little People" emails to them, letting them know all the fun stuff she had planned for them to do.  Or me ... who planned out a candle lit dinner for Friday night and reserved the Valentine's Day package at Embassey Suites for Saturday night.

FINALLY ... FRIDAY!!!  The kids and I got up a bit earlier than normal ... so they could be extra cute for the Valentine's Day parties at school.  (Might I add ... I made Breeanna and Hareligh's outfit ... which is a whole different blog that I will get to some day.  And I found the sweatshirt Eythen is wearing, which says: Prince Charming  Melting Hearts Since 2004.) 

I dropped the girls off at their school at 7:30, like always.  We did our normal hand signals of "I love You" and our secret "gestures" that no one else knows what we are saying to one another ... and I drove off chatting with Eythen, in the backseat, about our plans for the day.  As I walked back into the house ... the phone rang at 7:45.  On the other end ... it was Clint telling me that he has some bad news for me.  Has he not learned after being married to me for almost 10 years (together for 12) NOT to start off a conversation like that.  In the 2.5 seconds of silence, after he stated those words, I thought to myself: he got layed off, he was in the hospital with his arm cut off, he was being held hostage, his hours got cut back, he lost his foreman's position, he got arrested and this was his one phone call from jail, he wrecked the car, he got pulled over, he got another speeding ticket, he forgot to pay rent, he forgot to pay his truck payment, the army recruited him an he is being sent off to the war, he got robbed, he robbed someone and was in a high speed chase ... you get the point.  Then after those zillions thought ran through my head, he tells me that he has to work on Saturday.  WHAT THE F**K?!?!?!?!  *sigh*

As the day progressed on ... my Mom, Eythen and I had a great time at the girls class room parties and enjoyed a SubWay sandwich together (gotta love $5 subs!!!  AND when someone else is paying for it!!!  Thanks Mom!!!) it was time to load the kids up and send them back to P.K. (for those of you that do not know "town terms" ... that is Parsons Kansas).  So ... the kids and I did our normal hand signals of "I love You" and our secret "gestures" that no one else knows what we are saying to one another and they drove off with my Mom.

30 minutes later ... my Mom's cell number is on caller ID.  Right away ... before I even pick up the phone to say hello ... I know something is wrong.  The only reason she would be calling me, was if I forgot to pack something ... but I knew I did not forget anything ... because she helped me pack their bags.  After I picked up the phone and said hello, she replied with, "Eythen just threw up EVERYWHERE in the backseat."  Then I hear Breeanna in the background saying, "AND it is all over Harleigh's new skirt!"  Then I hear Harleigh say, "AND IT STINKS!"  *sigh*  REALLY?!?!?!  WHAT THE H**L?!?!?!  The flu HAS to strike on my favorite holiday.  *stomping foot*  (Yes, I had a bit of a pitty party for myself ... and then reality bitch slapped me and said ... get into Mommy mode.)  My poor Eythen ... My poor Mom!!!

To make a LOOOOONG story short ... my Mom ended up staying at a motel in Ottawa (because her car smelled to bad to drive the other hour and 15 minutes.  Eythen threw up 4 more times ... and my Mom did her best (with the motel towels ... I am sure they love her this morning) to clean up her car.  AND ... my candle lit dinner was a success (except for the 4 times I called my Mom to see how Eythen was doing). 

I know all of you can hardly wait to see what is gonna happen on Saturday.  I know ... I know ... I know ... I am sure you can hardly stand the suspense!!!  Well then ... I will tell you.  8:00 am, my Mom called and said that Eythen "claimed" he was feeling better (although we are 50% sure he was saying that because he wanted the "surprise" that my parents bought him ... which was sitting at my parents house ... back in P.K. ... which was an hour and 15 minutes away).  So to be on the safe side ... my Mom suggested that she come to my house with the kids and spend Saturday night there ... and Clint and I could still go to Embassey Suites.  She thought maybe should would take them out to eat and to the movies ... as long as no one threw up again today *fingers crossed*.  Then on Sunday ... she had already made motel reservations in Lawrence (which she did a few months back when she volunteered to keep the kiddos on Valentine's Day weekend) at the Holi Dome so the kids could play mini-golf and swim for the evening.  So as long as no one pukes anymore ... the kids will be at a motel having a great time on Sunday ... while Clint and I enjoy a late check out of 2:00 ... and soak of the "couple time" that my amazing, caring, outstanding, goes out of her way, unbelievable, remarkable, spectacular, splendid, wonderful, amazing, walk to the end of the world and back, selfless, loving, nurturing, fan-flippin-tastic, marvilous, super duper kind of Mom is blessing Clint and I with!!!

Please note ... that these plans are NOT set in stone!  (That is reality giving me a heads up that he/she may need to bitch slap me again to bring me back down to the real world.)


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