Thursday, February 11, 2010

Uhhh ...

I have always called Harleigh the "Animal Whisper'er", because the girl has such a love for animals.  She would have one of every possible kind ... if we allowed it.  She even told me the other day that she wants a bird.  Uhhh ... No!  Here is a little F.Y.I. about me ... I am terried of birds!  I mean terrified!  With a capital "T"!  If I am walking out of a building and one comes flying a bit to close to me ... I WILL duck and hit the sidewalk if I have to.  Just ask Clint ... it is some of his proudest moments of me being his wife ... when a bird and the outdoors and the public are involved.  *smile*

Anyways ... Harleigh loves her pets ...

But this photo ... well ... words can not really express it.  Poor IzzaBell looks pissed off ... and Harleigh looks a bit ... well ... crazy.  Maybe she is gonna be the "Crazy Cat Lady" instead of the "Animal Whisper'er" in future years? 


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