Thursday, February 9, 2012

Parent of the Year ... again ...

The other evening ... the kids were all tucked into bed ... and Clint and I were watching a movie.

Please note ... when the following events took place ... I just wanna point out that there had not been one single "nude" shot.  Not one boobie shot.  Not one butt shot.  Nothing.  So you can only imagine our surprise when suddenly there was a guys bare bumm on the screen  ... and this went down.

Harleigh"  EWWWW!!!

*blood rushes to my head*

*look over and Harleigh is standing at the top of the banister with a disgusted look on her face*

Me:  QUICK!!!  Pause the TV!!!

*waving my hands all over the place to Clint*

*Clint tries to grab the remote as quickly as he can*

*remote falls to the floor*

*suddenly the remote turns into a fumbled football and Clint and I are lunging for that freaking football*

*Clint pushes pause on the TV*

Harleigh*  GROSS!!!

*Clint and I both look back at the TV*

Of all things to be "paused" on the TV ...

You guessed it ...

The guys bare bumm.


Yep ... Clint and I are DEFINATELY gonna win this parent of the year thing.

We have it in the bag.

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