Sunday, February 5, 2012

Here is to another football season done and over with ...




Super Bowl Sunday!!!


Although ... I am celebrating it slightly different than most football loving people do.

From Labor Day weekend till Super Bowl Sunday ... my husband lives and breathes this darn stupid annoying sport.

Now go ahead and call me a party pooper all you want ... but I do not like the sport.  What. So. Ever.

Yes ... I can hear all of you football fans screaming at me at this very minute. I can hear your "BOOOOO's" right now as a matter of fact.  I think I even saw a tomato or two being thrown at me.  No wait ... that was an empty beer can.

But ... "Honey Can You Get Me A Beer" Season ... is one I could really live without.

Now don't get me wrong ... I have done the "good wife thing" in the past ... and attended KU football games with Clint ... and have had some great times ... well ... from what I can remember of those paticular Saturdays.

Between the large cooler of beer ...

To the smell of grilling in the air ...

To our KU tent put up with pride ...

Along with ump-teen million cars lined up and down the hill ...

Tailgating is a blast!!!

I will admit that.

But ...

Unfortunately ... when you are dealing with a "Pro Tailgater" like Clint ... it is an accident waiting to happen if your name is Jill ... and it is followed by the name Moore.

Add in the zillion beers that are drank (ok ... maybe not a zillion ... but when you start at sunrise and are still going after sunset ... it might be really close to a zillion beers) and mix that in with a "kid free" day ...

You have a not a so safe situation just waiting to happen.

Just like my Mom always says ... it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Well, that person getting hurt ... 95% of the time ... normally is me.  And 50% of the time ... it is me falling down the steps at the football stadium.

A little FYI ... ALWAYS ... I repeat ALWAYS ... walk BEHIND me ... NOT infront of me if beer has been involved.

Don't say I did not warn ya.

Just sayin ....

Oh wait ... I need to get back on track here.  Where was I?  Oh yes ... that's right!!!




Super Bowl Sunday is FINALLY here!!!

So ... while all of you football addicted peeps ... just like my die hard fan of a husband ... are all hooting and hollaring at the TV on Sunday ... cheering on another football game.  Rest assure ... that I will be right there cheering along with all of you ... but for a slightly different reason!!!  I will be cheering because... I survived another year of football!!!  AND I have nearly 6 full months that I get to have my husband without that darn brown leather thing intrupting my marriage.





Please note ... Of course ... when KU Basketball is on ...

Marriages ...

Parenting ...

Laundry ...

Cooking ...

Cleaning ...

And any other thing that might get in the way ... is put on hold.

But that is a legitament reason.

Admit it ... you know it is!!!

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