Monday, October 24, 2011

Mother of the year award ...

That's right people!

I got Mother of the Year Award AGAIN!

Don't be hate'in on me.

Just except the fact that I am mad cool!

I am sure you are wondering why I got this amazing award AGAIN?!?!?!

Well ... let's just say ...

That a shiney red razor + my 7 year old son = a HOT MESS!

Oh yes ... that's right.

My son shaved the back of his head.

The other day I told Eythen to go and take a shower.  Now ... he normally takes a shower in the kids bathroom ... but Breeanna was taking 9 hours washing her hair this paticular day ... so I told Eythen to go and take a shower in my room.

Mistake #1.

As he is taking a shower ... I even thought to myself ... maybe I should go and check on him.  But I didn't.

Mistake #2.

Suddenly ... Eythen comes running towards me crying saying that the back of his head hurt.  I instantly check to see what is wrong.

I suddenly realize that he has some blood on the back of his head.

Me:  EYTHEN!  Are you ok?

I start to scann the rest of him to see if there is blood anywhere else.

Eythen:  *sniffle*  *sniffle*  NO!!!!

Me:  What happened?

Eythen:  I don't know?

Me:  Why is your head bleeding?

Eythen:  I don't know!

Then I notice patches of his hair are gone on the back of his head.

Me:  Eythen ... why do you have hair missing?

Before he could even take a breath ... I suddenly remembered I had just layed out a brand new bright red razor in our shower.

Mistake #3.

Now ... let me just say that Eythen has never once messed with my razors.

Until today.

Me:  Eythen!  Did you touch Mommy's razors?

Eythen:  I don't know.

I take off to my bathroom to find the bright red razor.  And sure enough ... the razor is full of little hair's off the back of Eythen's head.


Eythen:  If you did not want me to touch it you should not have left it out for me to touch.  *sniffle*  *sniffle*

Mistake #4.

This is about a week "after" the razor
took off a chunk of my son's head.

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