Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I swore I would not became "that parent" ...

Eythen has been playing little league football this year ... and Clint has been coaching his team.  I must admit ... I was not sold on the idea of my little man being in pads and helmet ... all the while I sit in the stands holding my breath hoping he does not get hurt.  But ... come to find out ... Eythen is a stud out on the field.  Who would have thought?!?!?!  He has won 4 awards this season so far for his defense and offense skills.  He pulls at least 4 flags (aka: this is "tackles" for flag football terms) ... if not more every game.  And most importantly ... he REALLY loves it.  He can not wait for practice ... and loves game days.

This past Sunday his league began their Super Bowl Tournement.  Eythen completely knew the importance of the game.  He knew that if they lost ... his season was done.  Not to mention ... Eythen is certain that if his little league flag football team wins the Super Bowl ... confetti will fall from the sky, a huge trophy will be handed to him and he will get to wear a hat that says "Eudora Cardinals Super Bowl Champs".  I am not sure where he got this idea from ... but he is certain it will happen.

Let me point out ... that I am my child's biggest cheerleader.  I hollar "Go Eythen" every now and then ... clap when I am suspose to ... cheer for another child if they do something good ... stare off into space 35% of the time ... and chat with the other Mom' 45% of the other time.  I swore I would NEVER be one of "those parents" that screamed at the refs ... cupped my hands around my mouth to scream something at my child ... walk up and down the sidelines following the game as it went down the field.  I was not gonna be one of "those parents" that other parents mumbled "geeze" under their breathes because "that parent" was getting out of control.


Not. Me.

The game started off like all of the rest of them did this past season.  I sat on the bleachers yelling "Go Eythen" while gabbing to the rest of the Mom's sitting around me ... while answering Harleigh every 3 minutes as she asked me "How much longer".

Then one Mom made the comment that the ref's were not being very fair.

I still went on with my gabbing ... not really having a clue what was going on.

Then another Mom made the comment that a kid from the other team kept tackling her child.  (There is no tackling in flag football).

I glanced over ... but was not really sure what I was supsose to be looking for.

Then another Mom hollard "Ref's call something would ya".

I shook my head "yes" ... like all the other Mom's were ... but I still had no idea what I was agreeing to.

Then ... suddenly ... this little punk a** kid from the other team pulled MY SON'S arm so hard that it brought Eythen down to the ground.

Uhhh ...


The next play ... the same stupid #15 for the other team made a bee-line for Eythen and shoved him down.  Eythen stood up ... pointed at #15 while looking at the ref's.  The ref's did nothing.  BUT ... the other teams coach walked up to #15 AND HIGH-FIVED HIM!

Me:  Learn some sportsmanship for crying out loud!

Me:  You are alright Eythen!  Push through that line this time!  *said while cupping my hands and screaming extremely loud*

Wait ... is this an outer body experience?!?!?  Did I just do that?!?!?!

I looked around to see if other Mom's are whispering about me while giving me the stink-eye.

Nope ... every other Mom is screaming at the ref's as well.

Before I knew it ... I was standing up ... and walking down the field ... play by play.

Everytime Eythen did something great ... I screamed!

Everytime another player from our team did something great ... I screamed!

Everytime that darn #15 from the other team shoved my son down ... I screamed!

Everytime the ref's ignored the tackles and would call a penalty on us instead ... I screamed!

The other coaches were a bunch of dusche bags ... plain and simple.  They kept telling their kids to tackle ... and then would go over and congratulated that child right infront of one of Eythen's teammates that were down for the count.

I think all of the Mom's had mild heart attacks by the time it was all said and done ... and was more relieved that our son's did not get injured during the game.

On a side note ... as Eythen, me and the girls were walking back to the SUV after the game ... this is the conversation that happened:

Me:  Eythen!  I am so proud of you today!

Eythen:  I grabbed 4 flags!  AND I would of had 2 more if #15 would have stopped grabbing my arm.

Me:  I KNOW!  #15 did not play very good sportsmanship.

*out of the corner of my eye I notice that the 2 ref's from the game are getting ready to cross pathes with us*

Eythen:  I knew every time I was getting shoved it had to be #15.  He was strong AND BIG!

Me:  *said in a louder voice so the ref's could hear me*  The other team did not play very nice today.  The ref's should have noticed that they were tackling you guys nonstop and called it.  Good thing Eudora played a good game and did not play out of line.

*one ref slightly turns his head to see who is talking*

*I flash a smile and wave*

Darn it!!!  Where is my husband when I need him?!?!?!  Why couldn't Clint have heard me say that?!?!?!  He would have been proud of his "non-football-loving-wife" at that very moment.  Suddenly I had visions of Clint high-fiving me.  Either that ... or we could have chest-bumped.

I guess you could say ... that I am officially one of "those parents".  You may not wanna sit by me in the bleechers.  I might get excorted out of the next flag football game.

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