Friday, October 21, 2011

My eyes are burning ...

The other day I told Clint Clint decided to make his homemade onion rings and grill some juicy hamburgers.  These world famous really yummy onions rings do have a few down falls.

1.  Clint and I end up eating them just as fast as he pulls them out of the grease ... and we end up being to full to eat the hamburgers by the time they are done.

2.  They are full of grease.

3.  While Clint is slicing up the onions ... everyone within a 10 feet radius of Clint ... eyes are burning and watering.

Not only are these onion rings world famous really yummy ...

But it means that I do not have to cook.

This is the solution that Breeanna came up with to help with issue #3.

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