Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How many hours are in the day?!?!?

Today is one of those days that there are NOT enough hours in the day.

Not even close.


AND ... there are not enough of me to go around.

*double sigh*

I have exactly 7 1/2 hours till the kids get home to get all the "house duties" taken care of today.  And it is a big list today.  Since the kids did not have school yesterday ... I put them to work ... but you know how that goes.  My 10 year old and 8 year old do a pretty good job ... if they are bribed well enough.  My 7 year old ... well ... let's just say ... that I am pretty sure he deliberately throws his dirty underware in the hallway and sticks the Wii remotes on the bathroom counter ... just so I get aggervated enough ... that I take care of his room myself.  He learns from the best though ... my husband is the king of "I will get to it" ... and then I end up taking care of it myself.  So ... Eythen is just soaking up all of the knowledge that his Daddy is teaching him ... and putting it to use with his Mommy.

Anyways ... It is now 9:30 am and I am already ready for a nap.


Beds are made ... including my sheets and bedspread are in the washer due to the little present that Harleigh's dog decided to leave on my bed this morning.


Dinner is in the oven for this evening.

Clint's lunch is already made for tomorrow and in the frig.

Dishes are washed ... but they are not put away yet.  Any volunteers?

Kitchen is scrubbed.

Bathrooms are scrubbed ... except the bathtubs.  Any volunteers?

Went and got stamps ... paid bills ... and ran to the post office to mail them all.  Stamps are so darn expensive.  I am starting to think it might be cheeper to hand deliver some of them anymore.  Even if the places are 6 states away.

I went through Eythen's closet and pulled out all of the clothes that will not fit him much longer.  When I started this project ... I thought there might be a clothes basket full ... which is why I started the pile in the middle of his room.  I thought it would be a quick "in and out" project ... but 45 minutes later ... the pile is up to my hips and 6 piles deep.  So ... I am in a bit of a pickle now.  I have no where to put the clothes ... and they are in the MIDDLE of my 7 year olds bedroom ... which is plays in every day after school.  Crap!

Laundry that I did yesterday ... are all put in drawers and hung up and put away in closests.

I just need to vacuum, sweep and mop.  Now ... this HAS to be done while the kids are at school.  A MUST.  It also has to be done while my hubby is at work.  If I fail to do so ... then I will have spilled juice on the kitchen floor 30 minutes after mopping and muddy boot footprints 20 minutes after I mopped.  It is just a little known fact.  IF I make sure that I do it while no one is in the house ... then I have at least a hour of clean and sparkling floors.  Well ... that is until the dog decides to throw up on the kitchen floor ... 15 minutes after I mop.

Once school is out today ... it is go time.


Harleigh and Breeanna have private dance lessons first thing this evening.

Breeanna has an away volleyball game shortly after.

Eythen has football practice while Breeanna's volleyball game is going on.

Harleigh has tap/ballet dance class just when Eythen's football practice is just about done and over with.

OH ... did I mention that my hard working husband is working a 16 hour shift ... and will not be home until well after the kids are home and sound asleep.

*head spinning*

I have NO FLIPPING CLUE how single parents do it.  God Bless each and every one of them.  I would loose my mind.  Literally.  I already feel like I need to be in a psych ward about 22 hours out of each day ... and that is on a good day.  Thank goodness Clint and I have made some amazing friends in this town to help us out in situations like this.  You each know who you are ... and we TRUELY appreciate the help that you bless us with on days like this. 

Thank you!

We owe each of you amazing friends some wine or beer!  Clint is working enough over time this week ... that I will be sure he hits the liquor store on his way home on Friday.


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