Monday, October 3, 2011

Help please ...

There is no blogging today.


Not gonna do it.

To much to do today ... and not enough hours in the day to squeeze in blogging on the fine Monday afternoon.

The kiddos are home from school today ... so I have been bribing them with cake ... if they help me clean the house.

Needless to say ... a sugar induced clean fest has it's pros and cons.

Before the kiddos realize that I made an escape from the Scrubbing Bubbles to log into the computer and check my email ... check my facebook ... and log into my blog ...

I just wanna take a moment to beg plead demand ask you to vote for my blog.  I am currently ranked #43 out of 4285 other amazing Mommy bloggers out there.

So please take a moment ... and click on the cute little link below ... and you will cast a vote for my blog.  That is all it takes ... is a single click.  Then you are go about your merry way.  Thanks!
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