Monday, October 3, 2011

Here we go again ...

Here we go again ... it is midnight ... and I am wide awake.


So ... I thought I would do something productive ...

Since cleaning the bathrooms was not on my "productive list" ...

I decided to blog.

Yeah for you!!!

Boo for my toilets and showers!!!

So like many other sleepless nights when I blogged about stupid random thoughts that ran through my head at any given moment in time throughout the day ...

I thought I would share with you some more stupid random thoughts.

I think that my GPS needs to stop telling me to turn at the next corner ... and instead start saying things like:  Warm ... Warmer ... No idiot  - Cold ... Warmer ... Hot ... Your are freaking on fire!!!  You have arrived at your destination.  That is more "my terms" ... and perhaps would save me from getting lost so often.

I am pretty sure that the Princles guy ... and the Monopoly guy are related in some way!!!

Why can I remember a friend's middle name from 1st grade ... but I can never remember why I walked into the kitchen?!?!?

My children do not come with instructions.  Besides ... if they did ... it would be way to confusing to read and I would not understand them in the least bit.

How is it that dogs can sniff out a bomb ... save a guy from drowing ... keep a blinde person from walking out into traffic ... BUT my daughters dog can NOT figure out how to unwind herself around a tree when her leash gets tangled up in it?!?!?

Definition of DIET ... Do. I. Eat. That.

I sometimes think that if my husbands alarm clock could talk it would say "Get the hell up already" after he hits it for 45 minutes staright.

I do not think it is fair that laundry and dishes multiply faster in my household ... than rabbits.

Dear bowl that keeps coming out of the dishewasher dirty:  If you think I am gonna caress you with a sponge ... you are wrong.  Back in b*tch.  Sincerly - Me

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  1. LOL, these are sooo true. Especially the dog being tangled up and about the laundry and dishes multiplying! Where do they all come from??


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