Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't ring the doorbell!!!

Lucy.  Our sweet little snuddle ... Lucy.  She is such a sweet little puppy.  All she wants to do ... is to lay next to you ... and for you to pet her, scratch her ears, rub her tummy or sneak her a hotdog out of the frig every now and then.  (she is not to proud to beg either ... EVERY TIME you go and open up the frig door)

She is VERY protective of Harleigh as well.  Which ... let's face it ... if it was not for Harleigh falling in love with Lucy at the pet store ... Lucy would have some other backyard to pee in every day. 

The day we brought Lucy home from the petstore (January 2007)

Honestly ... this dog ... would do ANYTHING for Harleigh.  And when I say ANYTHING ... I mean ANYTHING ...

Harleigh was in the process of making mask for herself  so she
decided to make one for Lucy as well.

Yes ... even Lucy is use to posing for the camera ... just like the kids are.

Harleigh actually had Lucy sitting with her listening to her IPOD for a long time.

Harleigh even got Lucy to stick a Mr. Potato Head mouth piece
in her mouth ... and she stayed like that until Harleigh took it out of her mouth.

Then there are the cuddle moments that Lucy shares with all of us.  BUT ... if Harleigh is around ... Lucy will make a bee line straight to her ... and not even think twice about it.  I have to admit ... I was the last one in the family that wanted a dog to join in our daily chaos ... but ... Lucy was worth every single penny that we spent on her.  Harleigh loves that dog more than life itself ... and that my friend ... is worth every single dollar!

Harleigh trying to get Lucy out the door so she
could take her to Kindergarten Show N Tell.

This was a day that I know Harleigh will NEVER forget!
Thank you Mrs. Sweaney for making this happen for Harleigh.

Harleigh thought Lucy needed to buckle upfor safety, as well.

BUT WAIT!!!  There is a WHOLE nother side to Lucy!!!  There is the crazy ass barking-jumping in circles-so loud I wanna wear ear plugs, side of this sweet and cuddly dog. 

Think I am kidding?

Come by anytime. 

Day or Night. 

Ring the doorbell. 

I dare you to.

People have learned to text or call us, with a 2 minute "warning", that they are on their way.  Once we receive that phone call or text ... it is GO TIME!!!  There is not a moment to spare.  Mission "Lock up Dog" instantly begins.  It is a matter of moments before that front door is either gonna have a knock on it ... or worse yet ... the DOORBELL IS GONNA RING!!!  Lucy MUST be put in the garage, bedroom or outside ... IMMEDITATELY!!!

Go Go GO!!!

Where is that dog?  





CRAP!  We did not find Lucy in time.  *sigh*

Moore Family Huddle:
Huddle up everyone!!!  We are gonna practice locating the dog and getting her "out of ear shot" of the doorbell the SECOND our guest leave.  We can not have our guest nearly peeing their pants the moment they hit the doorbell.  I am just guessing ... but I think Martha Stewart would frown upon our dog causing someone to pee their pants before even entering our house ... because the BARKING scared them so badly.  Just a guess ... but I do not think Martha Stewart would put us in the "good hoste" catagory if this happened.  Break on the count of 3!  Ready! 1 -2 -3 BREAK!

Back to the doorbell ringing ...

Lucy would be running towards the door at lighting speed ... sometimes I swear there is just a trail of smoke behind her ... from her running towards the door so darn fast.  Then ... ALONG with the LOUD barking ... comes the jumping straight up in the air (we are pretty sure she is part kangaroo somewhere down the line) ... immediately followed by 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 jumps as she is turning in a circle. 

Oh ... don't forget the BARKING!!!!

Did I mention the BARKING????

I didn't???

Hmmm???  I could have sworn I mention the barking???

Well ... the dog is part crazy ... and the whole neighboorhood knows if someone knocks on our door.  Or worse yet ... RINGS THE DREADED DOORBELL!!!

So ... let me recap on this ... if you ever decide to drop by our house unexpected ... don't say I did not warn you.  The SECOND you ring the doorbell ... Lucy will be at the door barking and BARKING AND BARKING.  Also ... don't be to alarmed when the house comes slightly off the foundation after the first bark.  Yes ... her barking is SO LOUD ... it can move a house right off the foundation at times.

So what did we learn today boys and girls???  ALWAYS ... I repeat ALWAYS give Clint and Jill a "complimentary" phone call or text with some advanced warning that you are coming by.  We will do our best to track down Lucy before you walk up our front steps ... but just in case we do not locate her in time ... brace yourself.


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