Thursday, April 29, 2010

Harleigh's "insides" ...

After school today, Harleigh informed me, that "her insides are just to tired".

*shaking head*

Do I even dare to ask???

Ok ... here it goes ...

"Harleigh, what can Mommy do to make your insides better?" 

I suggested taking a nap before dinner ... but that was shot down really fast.

I then suggested that she go to bed earlier ... negative on that suggestion.

Harleigh was pretty sure that if I let her sleep in tomorrow morning ... and then have "cuddle bug time" (aka: that is when Mommy and Harleigh snuggle under the covers together in my bed and watch cartoons together) till lunch time ... that it would "make her insides more awake".

Sorry Bugs ... but you have to go to school tomorrow. 

But I gotta love your effort in trying to stay at home with me for the day!  Props to ya!


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