Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Markers, paper and imagination ...

One rainy evening, Harleigh was sitting at the kitchen table very "caught up in the moment" of what she was doing. She would not let anyone come near the table to see what she was up to. She kept calling Eythen over to the table to "measure" something on him. Clint and I just went about our business ... secretly really wanting to know what her imagination was coming up with next. Mask! Harleigh made MASK for her and Eythen. BUT ... she did not stop there ... she added tails, paws and other things to add to the animal that she was creating. Here are some of the ones that made Clint and I laugh the most.
Ok ... I had to start off with the best "costume", Harleigh's big imagination came up with. This was the last creation that she did ... but it was the one that I laughed the hardest with. I wish I knew what went on in that head of hers. Amazing!
This is the fish costume. She had the fish face ... on top of her head she has a fin taped to her ponytail holder, taped to her rear end is another fin ... the BEST part of all ... look by her elbow ... she taped "gills" to herself as well! PRICELESS!!!
Harleigh is a cat ... and Eythen is the mouse! I thought this was so clever!!! Notice that Eythen is holding a piece of cheese that Harleigh decided he needed to hold. Haa Haa
Tails ... Clint died laughing over this part of the costume. Harleigh came up with putting tails on everyone. Harleigh has a cat tail, Breeanna has an elephant tail and Eythen has a mouse tail. Who would of thought of doing that? Certainly not me!
The famous pig! She even went and got one of her dolls bibs that was pink ... to add some more "color" to her costume. Do you see her curly pig tail? I love the red dots on the face for the pigs cheeks!!!
Harleigh as a cat. This was the first costume she made (the she added the mouse for Eythen). She even did paws on the front of her hands ... and of course the tail!!! Haa Haa
Final touch ... Harleigh thought Lucy needed to be apart of the costume parade!!!


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