Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can I take a picture???

I am always snapping pictures of the kids. I normally have the camera in my hand at all times. I never know when I am gonna have a "moment" that I wanna remember forever. The older the kids have gotten ... the more I seem to snap. I feel like ... I am gonna forget moments in their lives ... and if I take a photo of it ... then I will never forget it (well, hopefully!!!).
I guess my children wanted to try to see if they had their Mommy's "great skills" at "photography". Haa Haa! They were wanting to try hitting that "snap" button to see what moments they could capture in time. So ... with my battery completely full ... I gave them complete control of my camera and let them snap away. I have to say ... 94% of them were close up of their rear ends, the carpet, eyeballs, pieces of paper ... etc. So most of them got deleted. Although, I did save a few of the ones "with possible potential" Haa Haa.
All in all ... I got a really good laugh out of most of them. Oh yeah ... they handed me back my camera when the battery was so low that it shut off the camera.


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