Monday, October 5, 2009

Harleigh ventures out on her own ...

For awhile now, Harleigh has been saying that she does not want to do the samethings as Breeanna. "She likes to do things on her own". In fact ... at first she did not even wanna do dance again this year ... just because Breeanna "does dance". Need I remind you ... they are not even in the same dance class. So, the time came ... that an activity was available for Harleigh to do without Breeanna. On September 26th, the Eudora cheerleaders were having a cheerleading clinic for the little kids. On Saturday they would have a clinic ... and then the following Friday they would preform at the Eudora Homecoming Football game. 30 minutes before I was suspose to drop her off at the clinic ... the tears began to fall. She did not want to go without Breeanna. She told me "That she did not know how it was going to feel without having Breeanna." Suddenly, "It was too lonely." After alot of encouragement and pep talking from Mommy, she decided to give it a shot.
She clung to my hand the whole time, as we walked into the building ... as her eyes were focused on the floor. I was not really sure if she was gonna do this or not. Harleigh has always had Breeanna by her side for things like this ... but this time ... Harleigh chose to do the clinic and Breeanna decided not to go, and go to the KU football game with Clint instead.
I have to say ... the second we walked into the gym ... she turned around and gave me a nervous look and sat down by a group of kiddos. Two seconds later ... 6 other girls came running over to Harleigh. Suddenly that scared little look on her face ... was giggles, smiles and eyes full excitement! It was a moment of relief for me as well. I did not want my little girl to be scared and wish she was at home the whole 3 hours. So Harleigh entered the clinic with a smile on her face ... and Mommy left with a smile on her face.
Friday rolled around and Harleigh was ready to preform! She was all smiles! She danced her little heart out, cheered withthe big girls, smiled the whole time, waved at people she saw in the crows that she knew and did an outstanding job for her first time not having big sister by her side.
Oh yeah ... how could I forget ... Harleigh's favorite part of the evening??? You guess it ... the snack they got when it was all said and done. That's my girl!!!


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