Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One whole hand = 5 years old

My little man ... is 5 years old!!! I can not wrap my mind around it. To me ... he is still 2 ... well maybe 3 years old ... but he is certainly not FIVE years old already!!! That is one WHOLE hand ... FIVE little fingers!!! He is the one that I have gotten the privilage to stay home the longest with. Him and I have been home together since he was 20 months old. When Clint and I decided to try to have one more baby ... I woke up the next morning and looked at Clint and told him I was pregnant. He thought I was nuts. He did not believe me at all. BUT ... I just knew. I had that feeling ... and I just knew. Sure enough ... 6 weeks later ... I was telling Clint that we were pregnant with baby number 3. Clint so badly wanted a little boy. All I knew ... was girls ... I had no idea what to do with a boy. But the moment that I left the doctors and knew we were having a little boy ... I could not get to Clint's work place fast enough to tell him. In fact ... Clint did not even say two words to me at that very moment. He just took off running into his work place to tell everyone that he was having a son. It was such a proud moment for Clint. I have gotten to see so much through a little boys eyes. Now ... I have to admit that I sometimes have NO idea what is going trough his head to make him do some of the things that he does ... but ... he is still my little E-Man. He has alot of onery moments ... but that smile melts my heart and makes me forget all about his crazy adventures that he sometimes goes on. At times I wish little boys came with a book that had the answers in the back of it ... but then again ... where would the fun be in that??? From the first moment that they handed me Eythen after he was born ... and I saw his big blue eyes and curly hair ... I could not resist him. From Eythen getting his leg stuck in the bunkbeds, coloring with a permant marker on my walls, eating dirt, or screaming when he sees a bug, taking one bite of every donut in the box to see if it was a different flavor, burning his hand when he touched the glass on the fireplace, "Jayhawk" being his first real word, jumping off his bed after telling him not to a million times before, the zillion ER visits that we have taken Eythen to and my heart breaking the first time I walked him to his first day of preschool when he was 3 years old ... all of these moments (plus a million more) have kept me on my toes with Eythen. He is something else ... and is the reason I smile and laugh all day long. Bubba ... you are an amazing little guy. You are so darn smart ... it amazes me that when we got to Grammy and Papa Gene's house that you know how many more turns we have until we are at their house or how you look at the directions that came with your Transformers and know how to put them together. I love how you will try anything once and your passion for it while you are attempting it ... from soccer to basketball to gymnastics ... you go for it with all you have. You are a great brother and son!!! Daddy and I love you with every inch of our sole and heart. Happy 5th Birthday Eythen James Moore!!!


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