Friday, December 12, 2014

Who eats poop???

So we have an Elf on the Shelf ... his name is Mr. Ed.  We had him ... well before these little creatures took over the internet ... and peoples homes.

When we brought our Elf on the Shelf into our home ... Harleigh ... my middle daughter ... who was 5 at the time ...  was absolutely terrified of it.  TERRIFIED!!!  Like ... refused to sleep in her own room for 3 weeks after Christmas ... terrified.

Then ... they got a little bit older ... and realized that the elf was not gonna kill them in their sleep.  So I decided to attempt it again.  Only problem was ... I had no idea where I hid our original one ... all I could remember was that my husband told our middle daughter that he sent that elf back to the North Pole to live there for good.  It was either that ... or she was going to be a permanent fixture in our bed till she moved out for college.

I just happened to find this cute little "off brand" $4 one at Hobby Lobby and attempted to bring our elf back into our Christmas routine.

It worked.

Mr. Ed has been apart of our lives for 4 years now.

99% of the time ... I don't even remember to move Mr, Ed ... until AFTER I am all comfy in bed and moments before I fall asleep.

But ... a few days ago ... Mr. Ed did not return after his weekend back at the North Pole.

You see ... Mr. Ed is one of the most important elves at the North Pole ... so he travels back to the North Pole every Friday and does not return till Monday morning so I get a break from coming up with something clever for the little shit to do.

Except this last Monday ... he did not return.  Instead ... his girlfriend, Vicky (who is hoping that Mr. Ed proposes on New Years Eve) left a letter for us.

The letter said:

Dear Breeanna, Harleigh and Eythen:

Mr, Ed will not be coming back Monday morning.  Santa needed help with cleaning up the reindeer poop.  Mr. Ed volunteered to help out and take over poop duty for the big guy.  He likes the over time pay elves get for shoveling poop.  He promises to be back on Tuesday.  He even said he would bring you back some reindeer poop to eat.  Yummy!!!

Much Love:
Mr. Ed's one true love

Needless to say ... I was frantically unwrapping Hershey kisses at 5am on Tuesday morning ... because I forgot all about our elf returning.

The reindeer poop was placed in a bucket ... with Mr. Ed sitting right on top ... just in time for my son to wake up for the day.

That day after school this was the conversation I had with my son.

*takes one of the Hershey kisses reindeer poop and eats it*

Eythen:  This reindeer poop sure is good.

Me:  I am pretty sure it is chocolate, Eythen.

Eythen:  No.  I don't think so.  I think it is some kind of magical reindeer poop that taste really good.

Me:  Yeah ... still think it is chocolate.

Eythen:  I really don't think that is it.

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