Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Who me???

Look ... over there!!!

On the right hand side of my page!!!

I got awarded a new award!!!

I got awarded the Top 115 Parenting Blog award!!!

It's a real thing ... I think.

At least Google says it is real ... and Google knows EVERYTHING.  Shoot ... Google knew that the medical diagnosis that I was trying to find ... was NOT a normal cold.  Oh no!!!  I guess it was actually a rare disease ... that only 1 in 508403785430 people get.  Google also knew that I was NOT trying to find things about Monkeys ... but instead I was actually trying to find things about Monks that shave their heads.  Google is smart like that!!!

None the less ... they sent me a cool badge that I could put on my blog ... so that makes it legit.

Totally. Legit.

I guess people really read this darn thing.

Huh ... who would have thought?!?!?!

Hold on ... don't go yet!!!  Don't forget to vote for my blog on Top Mommy Blogs ... just click on the link below ... and it will cast a vote for me.  One vote per day peeps!!!

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