Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who me?!?!?!?

My blog was just nominated to compete in the Top 100 Mom Blogs for 2012!!!


I can not believe it either ... I literally had to re-read the email 6 times.

But ... I need a little help from you.

Just a small favor ...

Nothing major.

I need you to click on the link to the right ----> where it says Top 100 Mom Blogs.

Once you click on that link there are some "options" to your left (wrote in blue) to choose from.

The top "option" says NOMINATE.

Click that.

Once you click on the NOMINATE word ... it will take you to another screen that says Nominate your Favorite.

You do not have to fill it all out ... only the spaces with the red astric next to it.

Mom's Name (this is your first name ... feel free to come up with any sexy-liscious diva name if you wanna).

Category: They have placed me in "Funniest" ... so scroll down and click on Funniest.

Nominee's Website: 

That is all you need to do.  You do not have to fill out any of the other spots ... unless you wanna be an over achiever ... and then by all means fill out the whole thing.  I was more of a "C" student ... so I have always done the "bare minimum" just to get by.  *wink*

If you do this for me ... I promise to buy you a glass of wine the next time we see one another.

*pinkie promise*

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