Friday, March 30, 2012

It is game day fellow Hawk fans!!!

It is the day I have been waiting for ALL week!!!

It is FINALLY game day!!!

Infact ... I am blogging this post at 12:08 am Saturday morning.  So there is officially T-minus 19 hours and 32 minutes till tip off!!!

Which means the superstitious "game day" rituals will be in full swing come 7:45 this evening.  And let me tell you ... Clint and I are VERY superstitious when it comes to tournament time.  I told you in a previous blog post ... we DO NOT wanna be the reason that KU lost.  Who wants that on their shoulders clear until next basketball season?!?!?!  Sure not us!!!

And when I say that we are superstitious ... I literally mean ... we are superstitious!!!

Last year we made homemade french fries before EVERY SINGLE KU game during tournament season ... because ... well ... we made them the first game ... and we won ... so we had to keep on doing it.

Clint wore the same red KU hat a few years back during EVERY SINGLE KU game ... and refused to let me wash it ... because ... well ... it was his good luck charm.

I wore the same pair of pajama pants ... leopard print to be exact ... EVERY SINGLE KU game the year we won the National Championship.  There was NO WAY I was NOT gonna wear those pajama pants during  game.  We were on a roll that year ... and I KNEW it had EVERYTHING to do with those lucky leopard print pajama pants.  Infact ... we threw a party during the KU vs. North Carolina game ... and at tip off ... I went to go put those lucky pajama pants on ... even though we had a house full of people.  AND. IT. WORKED.  We won the National Championship that year.

If KU has been down ... and Clint or I stepped out of the room ... and KU started to come back.  That person had to stay in the kitchen until the game was done ... because they were "jinxing" the game.  True. Story.

I'm telling ya ... we take this winning thing to heart.  Big. Time.

So ... that leads us to the Final Four game that KU is about to play at 7:45 this evening.

For the past 2 games ... Clint has cracked open a beer right at tip off ... and I have sported a pair of Christma pajama pants.  And let me tell you ... next year when basketball season starts ... I am gonna rethink this whole "lucky pajama" pants thing.  I am literally COOKING in 80 degree weather in those pajama pants.  BUT ... I decided to be daring during the Big 12 Tournament ... and wore a pair of capri's bcause I was so darn hot ... and we lost.  Yes ... blame me ... we lost because I changed up my wardrobe.  Damn it.

SO ... you can COUNT on the fact that I will have on my navy blue Christmas pajama pants this evening ... 85 degrees and all.

Since everyone on the cul-de-sac comes over and watches the game at our house ... we have dragged them into our superstitious-bundle-of-hell as well.

Jeremy has to drink whiskey out of a styrofoam cup in his KU shirt while sitting in his yellow chair.  And he must say "brick" every single time the other team shoots ... because ... well ... it jinx's them.

Dallas did have on a KU shirt 2 games prior ... but his KU shirt was in the wash last Sunday ... so he is absolutely NOT ALLOWED to wear a KU shirt this evening.  Nope.  Not. Allowed.  Plus ... he must sit in our KU chair in the center of the garage.  OH!!!  AND Dallas MUST check us all in on facebook.  Don't forget Dallas!!!

Olivia MUST have her dog Buddy sitting on her lap while drinking a beer.   If she can find some gelato to eat during halftime ... that would be great ... because that is what she did last Sunday.  Plus ... she MUST sit in our KU chair next to Dallas.

Darren has to be in his Nebraska Husker shirt.  Yes ... I said Nebraska Husker.  I realize it is completely the wrong team ... but he is a Husker fan ... but cheers for the Hawks when the Huskers are not on ... so we allow him to be apart of the Jayhawk cul-de-sac crew.  *smile*  He MUST sit in our KU chair next to Oliva.

Then there is my gal Laura ... 2 games prior she left and went home a bit early ... and KU nearly lost the game.  So I informed her asked her ever so nicely to never leave early again.  OH!!!  Plus ... she gets to sport some ubber cute pajama pants at tip off as well ... because ... well ... she had them on Sunday ... and what happened on Sunday ... must happen today as well.

So there you have it ...

Our superstitious ritual that must happen before 7:45 this evening.

We are all doing our part to win this game tonight ...

So please put on those pink undies or ripped jeans or blue t-shirt or silk bra or plaid boxers or red KU shirt and help us win the game.

Rock Chalk!!!

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