Thursday, March 29, 2012

I personally can not think of anything better than cheese!!!

I. Love. Cheese.

My middle daughter would eat cheese morning noon and night if I let her.



So when I came across this yummy cheese bite recipe ...

I was hooked at the word ...


They were gone in 2.5 seconds once I pulled them out of the oven last night.

So. Good.

OH!!!  I forgot the best part!!!  They are BAKED!!!  NOT fried in a bucket of heart stopping grease!!!  Yeah!!!  No joke!!!  See ... they are sounding better and better aren't they?!?!?!

(my middle daughter decided that this
is what they were gonna be called for here on out)

What you will need:

String cheese


Bread crumbs

What you will do:

Preheat the oven to 425

Cut the string cheese into bite size cheese bits of heaven

Drop the bite size pieces of cheese bits of heaven into the milk ...

Then into the bread crumbs.

Place on a cookie sheet

Cook for about 10 to 15 minutes ...

Keep an eye on them.  I can not honestly tell you the exact moment I pulled them out.  I just kept checking on them ... and once I could saw the gooey goodness start to pop out of the crust ... I pulled them out.

Serve with some marinara sauce ...

And ...


You are in cheese heaven.

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  1. My husband loooooooves cheese! My preschooler too. He eats bread and cheese EVERY single morning! Quick and easy. Thanks! Maybe we'll try them fried. LOL!


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