Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flash Back Friday (a few days late) ...

Well ... I made it two whole weeks of  "Flash Back Friday's".

And then I totally forgot to do it this past Friday.

Yeah me for sticking for sticking with something an following through with it.

*shrugging shoulders*

Oh well.

So ...

Here it is ...

A blog from "back in the day".

Well ... if you consider October 25 2010 "back in the day" ...

It is red Ribbon Week at Eudora Elementary School this week. Which means my kiddos are learning what drugs exactly are ...

Which leads me to the point of this blog ...

Picture this ...

I am in the living room. Harleigh is standing in front of me ... telling me about her gymnastic class she just came from. Clint is outside taking the trash out.

Suddenly ... out of left field ... the subject makes a complete 180 turn ...

Harleigh: Mommy ... is Daddy on drugs?

Me: No. Daddy is not on drugs ... but there are alot of people out in the world that are on drugs.

Harleigh: Are you SURE Daddy is not hooked on drugs.

*while she is flashing me a very curious look*

Me: Uhhh ... yeah I am sure Daddy is not hooked on drugs.

Harleigh: Well ... at school today they told us that beer has drugs in it. And people can get addicted to beer if they drink to much of it. So ... are you SURE Daddy is not on drugs.

*hands on her hips-head tilted just slightly-very serious look on her face*

Me: Go ask your Dad.

*dumb founded look on my face*

At that EXACT MOMENT ... in walks Clint through the back door. Harleigh makes a bee line for him ... as I am trying to give him that *you are not gonna believe what YOUR child just asked me* look from across the room.

To late ... he does not catch my look.

Harleigh: Daddy ... are you hooked on drugs?

Clint: Yes ... there are some people out there that are hooked on drugs.

*me trying to wave my hands like a crazy woman in the background in hopes of for warning Clint what is about to come*

Nope ... he still did not see me.

Harleigh: NO! Are YOU hooked on drugs?

Clint: HUH?!?!?!

*shocked look on his face*

Harleigh: Well ... at school they said that beer has drugs in it. And ... you do drink alot of beer sometimes ... especially when football is on.

Clint suddenly flashes me a look of *did you tell her to say this*. I quickly flash a look back that is slightly *I told you not to drink beer in front of the kids* mixed with a *Harleigh calls it as she sees it* sprinkled with a *OMG* look.

I can hardly wait to see how Clint is gonna dig himself out of this one! This is gonna be good!

Clint: I am of the legal age. So it is ok, Harleigh.

*quickly turning around and making a bee line for the kitchen*

Harleigh: Huh?!?!?

*standing there with a dumb founded look on her face*

Yep ... I think we just might win parents of the year!!!

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