Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stupid virus ...

My youngest son has had a fever since he came home from school on Thursday.

Yes ... today is Tuesday.

Yes ... I waited that long before I took him to the doctor.

Yes ... it was slighly embarassing to answer the question "So when did Eythen's symptoms start?"

Yes .... I think I might have officially crossed over to "The Mom that waites WAY to long to take her child to the doctor because she really does not wanna spend $80 on an office visit to walk out with just being told it is a virus and it needs to take it corse" ... aka: Bad Mom.

But ... for the record (so Child Protective Services does not come knocing on my door) ...

The kid never acted like he was sick.  Not. Once.

He still ate enough food to qualify as a human garbage disposal.

It was like trying to nail jello to a tree just to get him to lay down for 45 minutes and rest.

It was basically a mission impossible to keep him away from his sisters in hopes of not  spreading this crap throughout the house.


It had been back and forth since Friday afternoon ...

One minute I thought he was over it because fever was gone ...

Then the next moment I am trying to find the thermometer ... which we seem to loose on an hourly basis ...

And breaking out the Tylenol.

Perhaps ... I should have taken him on Monday when the fever came back (for the 854th time).  But come on ... he is my 3rd child ... and things do not seem as "serious" as they use to be when I just had one child and rushed her to the ER if she had snot running down her nose.

Now a days ... I attempt to cure it with Tylenol.

So ... Monday afternoon I FINALLY made an appointment for him on Tuesday morning.  Sure enough ... Tuesday morning ... he did not have a fever.  I debated with myself on taking him to the doctor ... or waiting "just one more day".  But ... I finally decided that the $80 doctor visit was only one weeks worth of groceries ... and we could live off of Mac-n-Cheese and bologna.

And the verdict was ... A STUPID VIRUS ... go home and give him some more Tylenol if he starts to run a fever again.


*stomping foot*

I should have stuck with my "neglectful parenting style since I have 3 child and do not wanna spend an arm and a leg at the doctors office because I live paycheck to paycheck" tatitcs.

Here is to a week of Mac-n-Cheese and bologna!!  *gag me*

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  1. We are going through the same thing at our house. My youngest (16 mo old) has been battling fevers of 101-103.5 for three days. A nurse at the dr office said it sounded like a virus and I didn't need to bring him in. This being my 3rd day off work (I work full time)I decided enough was enough. Took him to the dr anyway against the nurses advice and found out he has a double ear infection. Needless to say I wish I would've listened to my instincts and took him in sooner...and I wished I could see that nurse and slap her upside the head!!!


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