Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The toothfairy is coming ...

Eythen FINALLY lost his bottom two teeth.  The poor boy has swore up and down for the past year that one of his teeth were loose ... and it was gonna fall out any minute.  So you can only imagine ... that when we had our last cleaning at the dentsit office ... and they suggested that Eythen should have his bottom two teeth pulled out to make room for the adult teeth coming in ... Eythen was BEYOND thrilled.

He walked in with his blankie ... for moral support ... and to make him "brave".

And he walked out ALL SMILES ... minus two teeth.

He could hardly wait to show the world that his two bottom teeth were gone.

More importantly ... he was ready for the tooth fairy to FINALLY come and pay him a visit.

*flash forward to bedtime*

*Eythen and I walking up the stairs so I can tuck him in for bed*

Eythen:  So how exactly does this toothfairy thing work, Mom?  Do I leave my teeth under my pillow?  Does the toothfairy take my teeth?

Harleigh:  If you want to keep your teeth Eythen ... just leave a note for the toothfairy ... and she will leave them.

Eythen:  I could really care less about the teeth.  I am more interested in the money.

Me:  Let's put your teeth on your bookshelf ... and I am sure the toothfairy will find them with no problem.
When I ... I mean ... the toothfairy went upstairs to get the
teeth and leave the money ...
this is what I ... I mean ... the toothfairy found.

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