Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is it November yet ...

Ok ... I need to have a little pitty party for myself.  And since I do not have a bottle of wine to drown my sorrows in ... I am just gonna have to tell the whole internet world about my problems.

So settle in people ...

It is gonna be a long and bumpy ride.

At the begining of every school year Clint and I promise one another that we are not gonna bite off more than we can chew with the kids activities.  Every year we promise it ... but ... every year we some how convince ourselves that it is ok to add on one thing here or there.

Every darn year.

This year ...

I am pretty sure we are in way over our heads ...


Which ... is why I can NOT WAIT for October to be over.  October means I get to take a few activites off my list and toss them in the "My children better look back and realize how much their Dad and I have done for them and truely appreciate it" pile.  That pile is right next to the "My kids have no idea how truely lucky they are to have a Mom like me" and to the left of "I would be a millionare if I did not have to pay for all of this crap" pile.

October has been one thing after another in the Moore household.  It started of with a "normal busy" ... then slowly progressed into a "I can't catch my breath I need to slow down abit" busy ... and is ending in a "hold on tight because this mother f***er is about to derail" busy.

We always say we are not gonna take so much on ... but where do you draw the line?  We want our kids to have all the opportunites that we can possibly give them.  We do not ever want them to look back and say "I wish I could have tried ...".  We want them to thrive and be the best at the activites that they truely love.  So where do we draw the line?  When does a parent say "No ... you are already doing to much"?  There is a really fine line ... and it is really hard to see when you are trying so hard to do everything possible for your kids.  I would give up my wine, pajama pants and hoodie sweatshirts ... if it meant that they could have the option of trying out another activiety in life ... that they might possibly be absolutely amazing at.

Clint and I already on the go nonstop as it is ... but we do it for our kids.  We keep the keys in the car every night ... take turns going to and from ... and let out a huge *sigh* at the end of every night as we colapse on the couch next to each other.  We do it ... because we want the best for our kids.  And truth be told ... come next year ... when kids are signing up for all these activities ... Clint and I will smile and one another ... and answer the kids with a "Sure you can do that".

With out the hussle and bussle in our household ... we would be lost honestly.

But that is not the only thing driving this Momma insane.  Oh no!  Did you really think you all were gonna get off that easy?  Really?

But ... I do not have time to complain anymore ... because Harleigh needs picked up from basketball practice.  Then 30 minutes later Breeanna needs picked up from dance class.

Is it November yet???


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