Friday, August 26, 2011

I am gonna be rich!!!

Let me set this story up for you before we get to far into this blog post.

For YEARS now ... Clint has been "pulling a penny" out of Eythen's ear whenever he sees a penny laying around the house.  He has done it so many times ... that Eythen BEGS him to tell him how he does it.  Finally ... we convinced him that he can not know "secret" to the "magic trick" until he is 15 years old.  It is really killing the kid that he can not figure out how his Daddy is getting rich off of his ear canal.

About two week ago Eythen asked me if we could go out to eat at McDonalds.  I told him that I did not wanna waste the money there ... and I could make something much more tastey.  He looked straight at me ... as serious as can be ... and said "I know!  Go and find Dad!!!  He can pull money out of my ears to pay for McDonalds.  Then you will not be wasting your money!  We will be wasting the money in my ears."

*insert laugher here*

*insert tears falling down your cheeks because you are laughng so hard here*

*insert snort here because you are laughing so hard*

Well ... I forgot to tell Clint about it ... until ... today.

Wise 'ol Eythen heard use talking about the pennys that magically appear in his ears at the most random moments ... and insisted that Clint pull some more pennies out of his ear.

Lucky for Eythen ... Clint had a few pennies on the kitchen counter.  Each time ... Eythen was more amazed.  And each time ... Eythen would take that bronze circle ... and put it directly in his pocket.

Clint and I walked back into the living room laughing at the fact that Eythen's eyes got just as big as they did years ago ... each time he pulled another penny out of his ear.  In fact ... Clint "found" one in Eythen's nose ... and I am pretty sure Eythen pooped his pants when he handed it to Eythen.

As we were walking back into the living room I told Clint that he should grab a whole handful of change and really shock the crap out of the kid.

Here came Eythen ...

Here came the laughs ...

Eythen's eyes nearly popped out of his head as Clint "tipped" his head sideways and "attempted" to shake some change out of Eythen's ears.  As each quarter, nickel, dime and penny fell to the floor ... Eythen gasped and giggled that much more.  When he realized that all the money was dried up in his ears ... he quickly picked up all the loose change that was sprinkled across the floor ... put it in his pockets ... and told Clint that he was CERTAIN that his head was a human piggy bank.

Not more than two seconds after the piggy bank dried up ... Eythen saw a $1.00 bill in the kitchen that Clint had layed down on the counter earlier that morning.

He quickly brought it to Clint ...

Eythen:  Can you make $29 come out of my ear?  Then I could buy the Transformer Lego set that I have been asking you to buy me.

Clint:  It does not work that way, buddy.  Only pennies.

Eythen:  Hey!  Today my ears got me some quarters, nickels and dimes, too!!!  Maybe my ears could break a $100 bill???

*insert laugher here*

*insert tears falling down your cheeks because you are laughng so hard here*

*insert snort here because you are laughing so hard*

I would just like to apologize to Eythen's 1st grade teacher now ... because I am CERTAIN that when counting money is the lesson for the day ... this whole scenerio will surely come up.

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