Monday, July 11, 2011

Pet Laws ...

Yes ... that's right ... Harleigh made some "Pet Laws" for the Moore household ... and was certain her dog and cat would follow them to a "T".

Unforunately ... the "Pet Laws" have not been inforced all that well by the authority.

1.  No scratching
2. No biting
3.  No fighting  (I think this should be a "Mommy Law" as well)
4.  No being mean (LOVE how she spelled this one)
5.  No barking
6.  No hissing
7.  No chasing
8.  No mean faces  (not sure if that is really meant to be for her sister/brother instead)
9.  No hogging (AKA: No hogging the bed)
10.  No hiding
11.  No running away
12.  No jumping on people
13.  No laying on people
14.  No stealing food 

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