Friday, July 8, 2011


Technology has overtaken my children's lives ... and sucked the ability to use their imagination right out of their little bodies.

That is why I decided to take matters into my own hands ...

ANd make yesterday ...

National NO Computers, DS, DSI, IPOD, TV, Wii, DVR, DVD or MP3 Day in the Moore household.

Did I mention that it rained the entire day ...


Ummm ...

Perhaps I should have checked with the weather man first on when to have the exact date of vetoing all techonology ...

So ... we busted out the good 'ol board games, Barbies, dress up clothes, Transformers, Thomas the Train, tractors, Polly Pockets, American Girl Dolls and wine crayons and Mommy might have possibly lost her freaking mind by the time Daddy got home enjoyed our technology free day stuck indoors.
Truth is ... this day really got me thinking on how things were when I was a kid ...

VS. how things are for my kids.

DS's?!?!?  Nope ... but the trashcan lids came in handy when my sister and I would play He-Man and She-Ra outside.

Kindle?!?!?!  Not a chance.  We would go to the library once a week ... so we could meet our quota for Book-It ... and score a huge button when we were all done with it.

Blu Ray/Red Box?!!?  Yeah right ... you had to go to the "Movie Rental Building" and pick out a VHS tape.  AND the store would never seem to have the "new releases" that you wanted to see.  So you would have to "request" that they call you when it came in ... so they wrote your name down on a piece of paper ... not the computer.

Cable?!?!?!  Nope.  When you lived out in the country ... you had 3 ... yes THREE stations.  CBS.  NBC.  ABC.  If you were REALLY lucky ... PBS might possibly show up just enough that you could see some of the show through the static.

Cellphones?!?!?  Negative.  If you wanted to talk on the phone ... you would have to stretch the kitchen phone cord as far as you could ... just to hide in the closet to "talk in private".

Wii's?!?!!  Forget about it.  We did boardgames ... good 'ol fashion board games.  You would have to spin the knobie thing that was laying on a small piece of bent cardboard ... and it would not go anywhere ... so you would try to flick it even harder ... still nothing ... so finally ... when no was looking ... you would move it to the 6.

Cartoons on 24/7?!?!?!  Are you kidding me???  My sister and I would have to get up at 6:00 am on Saturay just to watch the Shirt Tales.  And the bad part about it ... Saturday morning cartoons were normally done by 11:00 am.

52 inch plasma high devinition TV?!?!?!  Uhhh ... no.  Try ... a small TV suck in a wooden "box".

Laptops?!?!?!  The only time we got the "privilage" of using the computer ... was when we got to play Oregon Trail in school.

IPODS?!?!?!  Haa Haa ...nope ... we had boomboxes.  In which ... cassette tapes were a must ... so you could "jam out".

If technology has came this far in the 30(ish) years that I have been around ... what in the WORLD is it gonna be like when my children have children.  Are they even gonna have to get out of bed to brush their teeth in the morning?!?!?!?  Or is their alarm clock gonna wake them up and ask them if they want Crest of Colgate ... and do it for them???

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