Thursday, February 24, 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?!?!?!

After getting an email from Eythen's kindergarten teacher (you can read that post here) ... I decided to ask the kids one of my favorite questions ...

What do you want to be whe you grow up???

The answers change daily ...

Harleigh: When I grow up I think I am gonna be a vet ... to pay the bills.  But I am also gonna work at Dairy Queen so I can eat all the ice cream I want.
(Harleigh is a HUGE pet lover ... but might possibly love sweets even more.  I cracked up when she said ... "to pay the bills.")

Breeanna: I think I am gonna be a dance teacher ... after all ... I have been dancing all my life.
(She idolizes her dance teacher, Miss Amanda.  But what is even more priceless ... her quote of  "I have been dancing all my life.  She is only 9 years old ... and has been dancing she she was 3 ... but her statement makes it sound like she is in her 20's.)

Eythen: I think I will work at Casey's. OR!!! I will drive Thomas the Train to see if he really does talk.  OR!!!  A farmer like Papa Gene because he could give me one of his really big tractors.

(Oh Eythen!  Gotta love the kid and his innocence's.)

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