Saturday, February 5, 2011

Us + life = getting lost along the way

There are moments in everyones life that are turning points ... that change the course of your future.  One minute you are tootin on down lifes road, with the windows rolled down, the sunroof open, the radio playing your favorite song and you are singing at the top of your lungs ... and then ... out of no where ... you come to a round-a-bout.

Suddenly ... you have to figure out if you are gonna continue on that road you just had your cruise control set on ... or are you gonna take a chance and stear off into another direction.

It is moments like that ... that define you.  That make you who you are.

You will always wonder if things would have been different ... when you came up to that round-a-bout ... if you would have done something different.

That is a given.

But ...

There are no second chances in life.

There is not an eraser in life.

There are no "take backs" by crossing your fingers and touching someone else.

Personally ... I have had alot of those "moments" in my life.

Moments that changed me forever.  Moments that I will always wonder if things would have been different if I would have turned my steering wheel and went another way ... or if I would have stayed on that road that I had driven down so many other times ...

Would things be different???

What if I would have went to CCC to cheer instead of LCC?

What if I would not have stayed out so late at the bar that one night?

What if I would not have gotten my tubes tied?

What if Clint and I would have given up?

What if we did not except the first offer when we sold our house?

What if I would have said what I really wanted to say when someone was not fair to Harleigh?

What if I went about the whole "Santa Clause" thing the wrong way with Breeanna?

What if I would have read that book to Eythen "just one more time" as I was tucking him in last night?

Sometimes "those what if" moments can be something so suttle ... that we do not even realize the impact of the situation that it is making in our lives at that very moment.

Other times ... it is a "sink or swim" type of moment ... and you gotta grab ahold of that life vest that was just thrown at you ... and start doing the doggy paddle until you can see the shore line.

Then there are the moments in life that you so badly want something ... that you are hoping and praying for a fork in the road to suddenly appear in your journey of life ... and take you straight towards it.

Sometimes you so badly need to head in a different direction ... and you are not really sure where that direction is gonna take you ... but you know you have GOT to slam on the brakes the minute you see that stop sign ... put on the turn single ... and put the peddle to the medal ... and get the hell out of dodge.

Clint and I have a fork in our road ...

Actually ... we are on the freaking freeway ... and we want off is a better way to phrase it.

Clint and I have two completely different things happening ... that will impact our lives one way or another.

And no ... I am not sharing them ...

Just yet ...

Or possibly ever ...

We will see how many more pot holes, road construction, stop signs, loosing the map and getting lost, flat tires, smoke coming out from under the hood, running out of gas or wrong turns we take along the way ... slow us down ... and where it all will lead us in the end.

My point to all of the mumbo-jumbo ya-da ya-da ya-da crap is ...

When one door closes ... and you have someone standing by your side ... that will open the next door for you ... everything will be fine when you have someone amazing like my husband holding your hand every step of the way.

I love "us"!

"Us" is a good thing to be ...

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