Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday ...


It is FINALLY here!!!

Super Bowl Sunday!!!

This is a day I wait for patiently once Labor Day weekend rolls around!

I just LOVE Super Bowl Sunday!

Although ... I could not tell you who is playing.  Nor could I tell you how many Super Bowls this is.  Nor could I tell you who won it last year.  Nor could I tell you where it is even being played at.

Nor do I care.


I could care less about the commercials.  I could care less about the food being served ... I just have to cook it all and pick it all up when everyone is done anyways.  I could care less what time it starts ... or what time it will be over.

I could care less.


I know what you are thinking ...

Jill!?!?!?!  Why in the world do you wait ever so patiently for Super Bowl Sunday then?!?!?

Well ... let's all gather around in a circle by the camp fire and let me tell you.

Anyone wanna make smores while I tell you a little story?!?!?!

Super Bowl Sunday ... marks another year that I survivied football season AND remained married to a man that would sleep with a football if he could.

Super Bowl Sunday means I get a break from having to be the human "sensor" button when Clint's "team" is loosing and some "potty words" suddenly come flying out of his mouth like missles.

Super Bowl Sunday ALSO means that my husband will be FINALLY be able to pull the wet clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer on a Sunday.  He will no longer be "to busy" watching one, two or even three different football games all at one time.

You know ... it takes some REAL dedication ... and EXTREME ability to "tune out" your surroundings (aka: wife and kids) to watch 3 tv's ALL AT THE SAMETIME ... AND to know EXACTLY what is going on at ANY given moment during the game.

Shoot ... I would not be able to help out with the laundry either if I had to focus on that many things at once.

Kudos to you Clint!

Super Bowl Sunday MOST IMPORTANTLY marks the begining of "us".  Eleven years ago ... on Super Bowl Sunday ... my really cute husband ... got down on one knee ... and asked me to marry him.  I replied with ... "Holy Shit".  He took that as a yes ... and we have been tackling the world together ever since.

So ... to help celebrate the END of football season ... I think flowers are in order.

Now ... since me sending Clint sympathy flowers because the Chicago Bears were not in the Super bowl ... would not be the ideal thing to do.

Clint bringing home some beautiful hot pink roses on Monday ... to celebrate me not handing him divorce papers this past football season ... would be a perfect thing to do.

Did I mention that there is NO MORE football until Labor Day weekend?!?!?!?


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