Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One of "those" nights ...

Have you ever had one of "those" nights after you crawl into bed???


*clearning throat*

No ... I do not mean "those" nights.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Gee Wiz people!!!

I mean the kind of nights that you can NOT sleep.

No. Matter. What. 

You have 50 millions things running through your head ... and the harder you try to clear your head ... the more of a cluster f*** it becomes.

UGH!!!  I hate those kind of nights.


Yep ... I had one of "those" nights last night.

What makes it worse ... was that I was SO darn tired when Clint and I finally crawled into bed.  I could hardly wait for my head to hit the pillow. 

I. Was. Exhausted.

Then ... just when I was about to fall asleep ... WHAM ...

Clint starts to snore ...

And my brain starts to go in circles ...

Did I lock the door?

Yeah ... I did.

I think.

*get up to make sure the doors are locked*

Is the SUV payment due this week?

Oh yeah ... my SUV needs gas.

I wonder if gas will go up overnight?


Who is the one that decides this anyways?

Shoot!  Eythen has show-n-tell tomorrow.

I can't forget that ... again.

*go downstairs to write myself a note about show-n-tell*

What was that noise?

There is it again.

Maybe I should wake up Clint?!?!?

*insert Clint snoring here*

Did I set my alarm clock?

Maybe I should double check to make sure it is still set for the correct time to go off.

Jill ... really?!?!?  You NEVER change the time ... so why wouldn't it be set for the SAME time ... just like EVERY other day?!?!?

*hitting alarm clock button to be sure it is set for the correct time*

Is that the dog I hear taking a bath at the foot of our bed?!?!?

I need to make an appointment for the dog to get groomed.

I really should have shaved my legs before I went to bed.

I need to print off the coupon from CVS tomorrow.

Wait!  I can't print it off until I get more ink the in the printer.

*get up to write myself a reminder about printer ink*

Was that one of the kids?!?!

Or was that someone trying to break into the house?!?!?

I did lock the doors ... right?!?!?

Hateing the fact that I wanna go and check to make sure that the doors are locked ... even thought I KNOW they are.

*reach for phone to be sure it is working just in case someone is trying to break in*

Where is my cellphone?!?!

If someone is trying to break in ... and they cut our land line ... I will need my cellphone.

SH*T!!!  I think I left it in my SUV.


We are all gonna die!

*hiding underneath the covers*

MAN Clint snores loud!

*dog gets done taking her bath at the foot of our bed and decides to jump up on the bed and scare the pee out of me*

*scoot closer to Clint for protection*

Man that snore is SO annoying!

Suddenly I realize that I am the closest to the door and will get killed first if someone breaks into our house.

Debate about waking Clint up and asking him to switch sides with me.

See red numbers out of the corner of my eye ... and realizing that the alarm clock says 12:10.

If I fall asleep NOW ... I will get 5 and 1/2 hours of sleep.

*Clint rolls over and takes half of the blankets with him*

*dog decided that sleeping up by my head is the most comfortable place for her*

Did I just see something in the bathroom?

Was that a freaking ghost?!?!

Could this house have spirits in it?!?!?

I wonder if they watch Clint and I ... uhhh ... ummm ... "cuddle in bed".

Ewww!!!  We have perveted ghost in our house!!!


Can he NOT snore for ONE stinking night?!?!?

*slightly nudge husband*

There ... he stopped.

NOW I can go to sleep.

AWWW MAN!!!  I am down to only 5 hours of sleep if I fall asleep RIGHT NOW!!

*Clint starts to snore instantly ... again*


For crying out loud!!!

*sighing REALLY loud in hopes it wakes Clint up*

*elbow Clint's side in hopes of stopping the earth shaking noise coming from his body*

*move my foot "swiftly" at Clint's body in hopes of SHUTTING HIM UP*

*having vision of putting pillow over Clint's face*

Was that a shadow I saw???

CRAP!!!  Either the ghost is haunting me ... or someone broke in ...

Oh wait ... it is just Eythen standing at the foot of the bed ... staring at the wall.


Me:  Eythen!  What are you doing?

Eythen:  Mrs. Sweany told me to stand in line and wait my turn.

*confused look on face*

*noticing I only have 4 1/2 more hours till the BLEEPING alarm goes off*

Me:  Eythen ... you are sleep walking ... go back to bed.

Eythen:  Can I have some strawberries?

*insert Clint snoring*

Me:  Eythen ... go back to bed!

*escorting Eythen back to bed*

*tucking Eythen back into bed*

*kissing Eythen on the forehead*

*walking back to my bedroom when suddenly the cat decided it would be hilarious to leap out of no where and attack my feet*

It is possible that I just peed my pants a little from thinking that a ghost or robber was attacking me ... then suddenly realizing it was the freaking cat.

I am certain that freaking cat is posed or something.

*HUGE red numbers flashing on the alarm clock*

*Clint snoring so loud that China thinks their tornado sirens are going off*

*cat giving me a stare down*

*dog laying sideways on my half of the bed*

Ehhh ... sleep is over rated anyways.

Then again ... if I fall asleep NOW ... I will get 4 hours of sleep.


  1. That sounds similar to my night last night. I was tired but couldn't fall asleep because so much in my head. Finally get close to falling asleep and toddler starts crying. The whole time husband is snoring LOUDLY. I kick him a lot and move the blankets and elbow him. Sometimes it works, last night it didn't. I think I got 3 hours of sleep.

  2. Don't you just hate those nights.

  3. I have THOSE night every night LOL. Insomnia is CRAZY AWESOME!

    Thanks for hoppin on the Mystery Post Hop!


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