Sunday, January 2, 2011

Another What the F*** Moment ...

After I put the kids to bed for the evening ... I turned on a movie in the girls room ... and turned on a movie in Eythen's room ... and kissed them all goodnight.

I thought everyone would fall asleep before the movie was over ...

And I would be able to enjoy some peace and quiet for a few hours before I went to bed ...

*20 minutes later*

Harleigh:  MOMMY!

*I see Harleigh standing at the top of the steps*


Me:  What Harleigh?

Harleigh:  Can I have something to eat?

Me:  Uhhhhh .... NO!  Go back to bed.

Harleigh:  That's not fair!  How come Eythen get's something to eat and I don't?!?!?

Me:  Eythen is not eating anything.

*in the faint distant I hear Eythen's voice*

Eythen:  Yes I am!

Harleigh:  Yes he is!

*me with a what the frickity-frack expression on my face*

Harleigh:  He is eating a poptart.

*quickly running through my mind if Eythen came down the stairs and asked me if he could have a pop tart and I said yes when I was not paying attention fully*

*double checking my memory*

*pretty darn sure I did not say yes*

*even more sure I did not see Eythen come down the steps*

Me:  EYTHEN!!!!

*Eythen peeks over the banister with a poptart in hand*

Me:  Eythen!  Are you eating a poptart?

Eythen:  Yes!  You know I like pop tarts.

Me:  Where did you get that pop tart?

Eythen:  It is my pop tart from breakfast.  Remember you said I could eat it in my room while I was playing with my remote control crane?

*me with a blank stare on my face*

Eythen:  I did not eat all of it ... and you told me this morning that I better eat all of my breakfast.

Another what the f*** moment in the Moore household.

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  1. Ahhh . . . kid reasoning.

    I have been blindsided by kid reasoning more times than I can count. Raced back through my memory . . . did I really say she could take a bath with the dog?

    No. But I did say the dog needed a bath. And I also said that I was tired of being the person who had to do that job.



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