Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Update ... *PART TWO*

Last time we left off ... I was updating you on how our Black Friday shopping was going ... and Clint was standing in line at Nebraska Furniture Mart at MIDNIGHT!!!  Need I remind you all that the store did not even open until SEVEN A.M.!  YES!  You read right!  SEVEN A.M.!

Clint had this mind sent of ... Ohh sweet electronic deals here I come!  Me on the other hand ... I had more of the mind set of ... No frickin way!!!  Sorry Sweet ass deals ... it is too frick-frackin cold out there.

So while my poor husband was standing in line with a bunch of strangers ...
who eventually became his NFMBFF's (AKA: Nebraska Furniture Mart Best Friends Forever) ... I was in the process for being the sole reason Black Friday had a slow computer connection.  Yes ... I was online shopping.  I apologize for any inconvience this may have caused to any of you out there in the weeeee hours of the Black Friday morning today.

Any ways ...

I NEVER in a MILLION years expected Clint to ACTUALLY score the "Door Buster Deals".  Shoot ... they only allow ONE per customer and only have a VERY SMALL amount of limited quanities for these really cheep deals.  When he was looking through the flyer pointing out the things we should "get" ... I never once said "No" or "We do not need that" or "The kids really do not need such a thing" or "Are you flippin crazy".  I just let him get into his little "electronic fantasty world" ... and I never even brought up a budget for the darn place.  I figured he would get there ... and the line would be wrapped around the building 99 times and he would come home.

Well ... the time began to tick away ... and Clint never showed back up ... like I thought he would.  So ... I called him.  He told me that he was not that far from the doors.   REALLY?!?!?!  I still did not truely believe him.  Deep down ... I still did not blink an eye about him picking up any electronics.  I had seen the way people pushed and shoved their ways in the front doors of Nebraska Furniture Mart on TV before. It literally looked like an hour glass ... and the people pushing and shoving their way in were the little pieces of sand ... dropping down to the bottom of the hour glass.  There was NO WAY Clint was gonna score any of the items on his "to get list".


Not gonna happen!

Not in a million years!

*phone ringing*

Clint on the other end ...

He scored EVERY SINGLE THING on that darn list!

Hold on!

Back the truck up!



You could only imagine my face when he called me at 10:30 saying that he was in line at the loading zone to pick up the items he bought.


What items?!?!?!

He was suspose to be shoved around and pushed to the side and not even be able to find the things you wanted to get. So how in the WORLD did you score not 1 ... not 2 ... BUT 3 of the large door buster deals that everyone else and their dog was there for?!?!?

Yeah ... how you are picturing my face ... is exactly how I looked on the other end of the phone!!!

SHIT! I never talked about a budget!

My husband ... stood out in the freezing cold for SEVEN hours and lost feeling in his feet.  He helped some ladies along the way score some DVD players and helped some guy find a cheap lap top.  He got everything on "his list".  He then stood in line for another HOUR AN A HALF just waiting to get to a cash register.  Then once he got to a cash register ... it took him THIRTY MINUTES to finally get checked out because he just happened to get THE NEW GUY who had not been there very long and was screwing everything up!  THEN he waited another FOURTY FIVE minutes in the pick up zone ... to get all of the things that he bought. 

So if you are counting ... that is a grand total of ... nearly 11 hours Clint was at Nebraska Furniture Mart. 

When I asked him if he will he do it again next year?!?!?!

He quickly replied with ... Hell no!  Black Friday equals Death Friday.

So what did we learn today boys and girls?

1. Never ... EVER under estimate your husband when it comes to electronics.

2. If you are gonna stand in line for SEVEN hours ... always have a "buddy" with you for the moments that you have to go potty ... they can save your spot.

3. Clint left Nebraska Furniture Mart with something for each kid ... and himself.  Did you notice that he forgot someone?  Yeah ... me to. 

4. My husband can make a friend NO MATTER where he goes. From standing in
line at the Red Box to standing in line on Black Friday in 20 degree weather at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

5. Some people are PSYCHO on Black Friday.

6. Never ... I mean EVVVVV-ER under estimate your husband when it comes to

7. You stay nice and warm when you shop online.

8. Be sure to wear multiple pairs of socks ... when standing in line for 7 hours in 20 degree weather.

9. According to Clint ... Nebraska Furniture Mart was disguised as hell today.

10. Never ... NO MATTER WHAT ... NEVER under estimare your husband when it comes to electronics.


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