Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mommy Blogs ...

Ok ... so after alot of people telling me I should do this ... I finally entered my blog on a website. 

The more people that "vote" for my blog ... the higher up it will move up the list.  The higher it moves up the list ... the more people that read my blog.  The more people that read my blog ... the more people out in cyber world know my business.  The more people that know my business ... the more they think that my kids have stole my sanity and hid it in their toy box.

If you click on this link below ... or the blinking icon to the left of the screen ... it will take you to a page that says "Click here to vote for the blog that you just came from".  Click on it ... and WAM-O you just made the world a better place.

Over and out cyber world.


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