Thursday, September 9, 2010

add honor's choir to the list ...

Last week Breeanna came home with a note ... saying that the 4th and 5th graders could try out for Honor's Choir if they wanted to.  Of course ... Breeanna was all over that.  Anything that involves Mommy driving her to and from ... she will jump on the band wagon in a heart beat.

I gotta give her credit.  She was a cool as a cucumber about the whole deal. 

I asked her if she knew the song she had to sing.

She told me that she knew most of it. 
(She said it in a "what's the big deal" type of voice)

I asked her if she knew what day she had to try out.

She replied with, "Oh.  Either on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday."

I asked her if she was nervous.

She told me, "It is not a big deal, Mom.  I just have to sing a song."

In my head ... I am flashing back to my 6th grade year.  Trying out for cheerleader ... and NOT seeing my name on the paper.  Thanks Mrs. Wimp ... see what you did.  You scared me for life.  My 6th grade year crumbled right before my very eyes.  *sigh*  The world was over just as I knew it.

Oh wait ... back to my daughter.  She went to school early Friday morning ... sang the choosen song ... America.  All by herself.

Tuesday the list of who made it was posted.  But did Breeanna check the list?  Nope. She told me she forgot to go past the music room ... and would check on Wednesday.  SEE ... the kid was a cool as a cucumber.

Anywho ... as I dropped her off Wednesday morning ... I told her how proud I was of her for simply trying out.  I told her that there was absolutely no freaking way I would have been brave enough when I was 9 years old.  I told her that even if she did not make it ... I was so darn proud of the factor that she put herself out there ... and took a chance at something.

As the time grew closer for the school bell to ring ... my heart started to beat a little bit faster. 

As I pulled into the school parking lot ... I was scanning the sidewalk to see if I could see her anywhere.

Where was Breeanna?

If I could catch a quick glimpse of her ... I might be able to tell by her face if she made it or not.

I could hear my heart beating in my ears.


Ok ... so that might be a little bit over dramatic ...

There she was ... smiling as she stood next to a group of kids.  I could not tell.  That was her normal chipper self.  Did she make it?  Did she not?

Then she noticed me coming around the corner of the drop off/pick up lane ... she come running to the car.  Jumping up and down.  HUGE smile on her face.  Mouthing the words ... I made it!


I was so happy for her.  I wanted to squeeze her to pieces.  And yes ... I faught a tear or two in my eyes.  But come on ... you really should not have even thought twice about that one.  Look at who you are talking to.  The mother that cries at everything.

The smile on Bree's face when she came out of the school ... telling me that she made Honor's Choir ... made my day. That beautiful smile also made me forget ... for a split second ... that it is just something else that I have to get one of my kids to and from every single week.  Tuesday and Thursday early morning practice ... here we come!


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Heading off ... bright and early ... for her first day of Honor's Choir Practice.


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