Thursday, September 9, 2010

carrots ...

Eythen just starting going to kindergarten all day long a few days ago. 

Which means ... eating lunch at school.  Which means ... there is no coming to Mommy a hour later asking for a snack.  Which means ... there is no one to  complain to that you would rather have a PB & J instead of what is in front of you.  Which means ... the pouty face is not gonna work.  Which means ... there is no one there to constantly say, "Eythen!  Eat!"

So ... due to the factor that I am paying ... well ... ok ... Clint is paying ... for all 3 kids to eat a hot lunch at school at $2.00 a day ... 5 times a week ... the kid better be eating our money's worth.  So ... just like we told Breeanna and Harleigh ... we told Eythen that he has to taste at least everything on his plate at least once before he can be done with his food at school.  I told him that he could take a PB & J sandwich anytime he wanted ... but he insured me that he wanted to eat lunch at school ... so who am I to take away such a "cool thing" in a kids eyes?

This afternoon he came home ... and instantly inhaled his snack.  Yes ... he inhaled it. Two second later ... he asked for something else.  I asked him if he ate everything on his plate at school day ... or if he did not eat that much ... that this was why he was so hungry.  He told me that he ate "almost everything".  AKA:  Mommy I did not take a bite of everything on my plate but if I try to sound like a good boy and smile at you ... I might get by with the answer that I just gave you.  Nice try Eythen.  Let's try this again.  So ... I asked him if he tasted everything on his plate.  He replied with ... "Well, the carrots did not look like the ones you cook."

We have had a "reason" since day one ...

Thursday ... something "looked" gross and he did not wanna try it
Friday ... he was to "full" from everything else
Monday ... he lucked out because it was Labor Day
Tuesday ... he "forgot" to taste everything
Wednesday ... the carrots did not look like the ones I cook

I glanced over to Breeanna and Harleigh ... knowing that they were ol' "pros" at this school lunch thing ... and know that if you choose to eat a school lunch ... great ... but you have to taste everything on your plate at least once. 

Breeanna instantly chimes in with, "I ate everything on my plate."  Never a doubt in my mind ... I am pretty sure she ate an entire large pizza by herself last Friday.

I look at Harleigh ... and she shrugs her shoulders ... turns are head slightly ... and says ... "I tasted the carrots last year and I did not like them.  So I already knew what they tasted like."

*sigh*  Not really the answer I was going for.


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