Wednesday, July 28, 2010

*yawn* another night I can't sleep ...

Another night that I can not sleep ... means another blog for you to enjoy.


If we are not meant to have late night snacks ... then why is there a light in the frig?

Sometimes I am so good at cooking ... even the smoke alarm is cheering me on.

I hate it when I hit my hip in the counter ... and it feels like I just got shot.

*Drop something* ... *pick it up* ... *drop something again* ... what the f*ck!!!

My level of maturity changes ... depending on whom I am with.

OH the things I would do ... if I was invisible for just one hour.

I sometimes wish my memories came with ''√ Save'', ''οΎ’ Delete'' and ''► Play'' buttons.

Here is what happens when I finally cave in and watch a scarey movie with Clint:
Begin on my side of the couch ... end on his side of the couch ...
*flash forward several hours later*
"I have to go to the bathroom ... walk with me?"

Where is it?  Seriously where is it?  I just had it in my hand!  Oh wait ... there it is ... in my hand.

Sitting in a movie theater ... saying "I wanna see that!" ... on nearly every movie trailer.

When I read a book ... I make the whole story a movie in my head.

I hate it when my seat belt locks ... and I suddenly can not move.

I have said this many times before:
I hate it when I can not get my hand into the tube of deliciousness.  AKA: Pringles can

I have to admit ... I get "repissed" when I flash back to something that ticked me off prior.

I hate it when I am telling a story and no one laughs.  I promise it was funny when it happened!

Dark night + heavy rain + coldness + warm blanket = perfect night sleep

Nothing in the frig?  Nope.  Freezer?  Nope. Cabinets?  Nope.  Time to check the frig again.

Anyone who said love was easy ... was obviously never fell in love and in a real relationship.

There is no pain ... like the pain of stepping on a lego!

It really annoys me when people think they truely know how I feel and what is going on in my life ... just by reading my status updates on facebook.  I call that facebook stalking personally. 

Dropping something ... and then catching it in mid-air ... makes me feel like a ninja.

I hate it when I get distracted when I am cleaning the house ... darn Lifetime TV.

I like to count out random numbers ... when someone else is concentrating on counting.

Love it when my kids knock something over ... instantly scream "It wasn't me" ... when I totally saw them.

That's fine Mr. Wind ... mess up my hair ... I did not plan on looking good today anyways.

No matter how hot it is ... I can not sleep without a little bit of blanket on me.

I can not let my feet dangle off the bed at night ... because there might be a monster waiting to nibble on them.

When I shut off the lights downstairs ... I run as fast as I can up the stairs.  You never know ... there might be a boogie man behind me.

We I was little ... I sang ... A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, ELEMNO, P.

Be thankful for what you have ... because it could be taken away tomorrow.

Please do not think that you are better than me ... because you are not.  Just an FYI.


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