Friday, July 30, 2010

zzzzz ... *snore* ... zzzzz ... NOPE! WIDE AWAKE!!!

I would really like to be sound asleep right now.  Trust me!  Sleeping instead of blogging is much more important to me.  It really is!  I promise!  I would love to be snuggled up under the covers ... with my head laying on my fluffy pillow ... dreaming about dreaming right now.  BUT ... I'm not.  Nope.  Negative.  No can do.  It is 1:00 am ... and I have to many things running through my head ... and they are things that I have no control over ... which makes it that much worse.

I think I either need a vacation away from reality ... or I am gonna need to be heavily medicated in the near future.  Either way ... it is a win win situation for me.

So ... here are some thoughts, ideas, crazy things and a little bit of this and that.

We have ice cream trucks for the kids ... why don't we have frozen margarita trucks for the adults?

Immature ... a word boring people use to descrtibe fun people.

What happens in Vegas ... stays in Vegas.  What happens in Erie ... sh*t you already heard?!?!?!

When life gives you lemons ... make lemonade ... and add vodaka ... and throw a party!!!

When life hands you lemons you make ... You ... WAIT!  WAIT!  WAIT!  Why in the world would life give me lemons???

Talking to yourself.  Then telling yourself you really need to stop talking to yourself.  (Mom ... this one was for you.  *wink*)

Nothing better than that feeling you get ... when you just can't seem to stop smiling.

Life is like a box of chocolates ... you never know what you are gonna get.

Roses are red.  Violet's are blue.  I have 5 fingers ... and the middle one sticking up is directed towards you.

Meeting Clint was fate ... becoming friends was a choice ... but falling in love with my him was out of my control.

When I am home alone with the kids ... I hear noises ... and assume someone is breaking in ... or there is a ghost hauting me.  Either way ... I freak out.

They came to me one night, explored my body, sucked and swallowed.  When they were satisified ... they left ... and I was hurt.  FREAKING MOSQUITOS.

Girls are like phones.  We like to be held and talked to.  But when you press the wrong button ... you will be disconnected.

There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did and who always will.  So don't worry about the people from your past, because there is a reason why they didn't make it to your future.

Ever notice what is hidden in the word ... she believed???  Look again ... s[he] be[lie]ve[d].  Mmmmm ... makes you think.

I think some of my past "knight in shining armors" were actually idiots in tin foil.

I miss kindergarten ... when the biggest worry was what you were gonna have for snack time.

I wanna be a billionaire ... so freaking bad ...


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