Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rule #1492

Every house has "rules" in it.  No biting. No running in the house. No hitting.  No spitting.  No name calling.  No pushing.  Be nice.  Say please and thankyou.  Put the empty toilet paper roll in the trashcan and then put the new roll on the holder.  (This rule seems to be forgotten alot in our house.)  No complaining on what I make for dinner ... we can not have chicken nuggets for every meal.  When Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice is on ... Mommy is off duty.  If you need something ... and Mommy is in the bathroom ... wait for cryin out loud ... I will be with you in a second. 

Anyways ... you get my point ...

Tuesday ... the Moore household added a new rule to our list.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE ... is Clint ever allowed to attempt to do the girls hair.

*sigh*  *shaking head*

Tuesday, I had "Muffins for Mom's", with Eythen, at his school.  Him and I headed out at 6:50 ... so I could get back in time to do the girs' hair before they had to leave for school.  I had the alarm set for Clint ... for 7:00.  All he had to do was get up ... wake up the girls ... and then go downstairs and read the paper.  BUT ... for some reason ... Clint decided to pull his "I am gonna try this and hope for the best" card ... and pray for the best.

Yeah ... that did not work out so well.

I pulled into the driveway at 7:30 ... just as Clint was getting ready to pull out of the driveway with the girls in the backseat. 

Hold on ... I did not do their hair yet.  They can not go off to school with "bed head" (and let me tell you ... Harleigh has MAJOR "bed head" in the morning).  Then ... I hear from the backseat Breeanna's voice say, "Uhhh ... Dad tried to do Harleigh's hair ... and the sides are sticking out, Mom!" 

So I told Harleigh to come inside so I could get her hair to lay down.  As she is getting out of the backseat ... I notice her hair is matted together and has a very "shiney" look to it (better word for it ... it was a grease pit).  I layed my hand across the back of her hair and half of the product wiped off onto my hand.  EWE!  What in the world?  OH NO!  Clint ... dear ... sweetie pie ... (ok, so I was really on the verge of a nervous breakdown at this point in time.  But ... we are just gonna pretend that I was being all caring and sencere.) what exactly did you do to Harleigh's hair?

Flashforward 20 minutes later ... Harleigh took a lighting fast shower, I blow dried her hair and curled it ... put Breeanna's in a low ponytail ... and had them out the door with 5 minutes to spare before the tardy bell at school was gonna ring.  WHEW!!!

I give Clint credit that he tried to be nice and get my morning routine done ... before I got back from "Muffins for Mom's" ... but ... next time I am just gonna say ... Clinton, Just step away from the hair products.  Put the brush, hairspray and spray wax down.   

Although ... as I was in a mad dash trying to get Harleigh's hair dried and curled ... Clint did say that this just goes to show that I am not allowed to ever leave him.  I then told him ... that this just goes to show that if he ever divorces me I get sole custody of the girls.


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