Monday, April 19, 2010

Harleigh's big invitation ...

Harleigh and I arrived 5 minutes late to her private gymnastics lesson today ... but what is new, honestly.  As we were literally running into the building ... Harleigh's coach, Olivia, stopped me and told me that there is a meet coming up and she would like Harleigh to participate in it. 



I am not sure who was more excited ... me ... Olivia ... or Harleigh.

Let the training begin.

And that is just what Olivia did with Harleigh.

Practice ... Practice ... Practice ...

Watch out gymnastics world ... May 22nd ... Harleigh is I will MOST DEFINATELY blog about the whole event once it takes place ... but luckily for her ... she has about 5 more weeks of training with Olivia before she shows off her skills to everyone at the meet.

Oh yeah ... I almost forgot!!!  As we were leaving the academy ... which the manager ... EVER SO CASUALLY has ALL the leotards for SALE right at the front of the door.  (Yes ... thank you to whomever decided that was the best place to put that stuff)  Of course ... JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER DAY ... as we are leaving the academy ... Harleigh stops to look at the leotards ... this time she is CERTAIN she deserves one for being asked to do her first meet. 

From the corner of my eye ... I see her coach Olivia standing off to the side ... smiling from ear to ear ... just like Harleigh was doing at that very moment.


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