Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are you smarter than a fifth grader???

You know that show ... Are you smarter than a 5th grader???  I am sure most of you have watched it ... and if you are like me ... you are definately NOT smarter than a 5th grader according to the show. 

Clint ... me ... Breeanna ... Harleigh ... and Eythen ... watch the show often. When a 3rd grade question comes on ... those are Breeanna's "questions to answer".  When a 1st grade question comes on ... those are Harleigh's "question to answer".  Then the 2nd, 4th and 5th grade questions ... those are left for Clint ... me ... and Eythen.  I know I know I know ... Eythen is at an unfair advantage.  I think that there should be a Preschool/Kindergarten question asked on the show as well.  I mean ... we do not want any discrimination going on???  It is not fair to leave out some short people-who are only worried about how long recess is gonna be-will you be my friend-who just sneezed without covering their mouth-look at what I can do-knowledge either!!!  Hummm ... 

If questions like:  What comes next ... A B C D _? 

Then I just might get some right!!!

SCRATCH THAT!!!  I MEANT to say ... then some of the "younger viewers" could have a chance to participate while viewing the show.  It would in no way be benificial to adults like me.  I am CLEARLY thinking of the younger generations here.  PROMISE!!!

All I am saying is ... in relation to the questions they are asking ... I am not so sure, that I knew HALF the stuff when I was in elementary school.  My parents were either hiding me from the truth as I grew up ... that I am plain stupid.  OR ... kids are expected to know SO MUCH more than I EVER had to know in Elementary School.

I will be the FIRST to admit ... math and I are MORTAL ENEMIES!  We DO NOT get along WHAT SO EVER!  If Math and I are in the same room ... I am trying to find the nearest window to jump out of ... even if it is a 2 story building.  I am willing to take that risk.  We are kind of like Batman and the Joker.  Get my point? 

On the other hand ... my husband is BFF's with math.  Geometary, muliplication, 1+1, double digit subtraction ... and yes ... Algebra (gag me).  They have been BFF's for years now.  They go WAY back.  They are "there" for one another ... in the good times and bad.  They are kind of like Batman and Robin.  Get my point?

Anyone (aka: good 'ol me) that takes College Algebra four ... yes I said FOUR times and STILL gets a FREAKING D ... EACH and EVERY single time ... is granted the right to say a really bad word everytime someone mentions the word "Algebra" (Sh*t).  It is just one of those ... ummm ... privilages ... Yes ... I guess you could call it a "privilage".


See ... It just instantly happens. 

You also are allowed to roll your eyes ... when the word, Algebra is said.  (Sh*t) *rolling eyes*

On the flip side of it ... my parents are granted the "privilage" of laughing out loud and shake their heads in disbelief when they hear the word, Algebra! (sh*t) *rolling eyes*  After all ... they are the ones that paid for me to take that WORHTLESS class in college ... not once ... not twice ... not three times ... but FOUR TIMES!!! 

Go ahead Mom and Dad ... I will say the word and you get to laugh and shake your head in disbelief ... ready???

*rolling eyes*

Now ... I have seen some adults on, Are you smarter than a 5th grader ... not get very far with the questions.  So ... with that being said ... that means ... I am not the only one that is NOT smarter than your average 10 or 11 year old.  I am not alone in this "smarty pants world" I sometimes seem to live in. 

If they would just slighly alter the questions a bit. 

For example ... if they would ask:

-Who sings Party in the USA?

    I know!!!  I know!!!  I know!!!  Miley Freaking Cyrus!!!

-What is the name of the penguin on the Nick cartoon show, BackYardigans?

    DUH!!!  Pablo!!!


What are the names of all the kids on Jon and Kate Plus 8?

    Heck yeah!!!  I know that as well!!!  Madelyn, Cara, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Joel

How about ...

-Who is the female singer of the Black Eyed Peas?

    YES!!!  I know this one!!!  FERGI!!! 

-What food would your children live off of, it they had a choice?

    Freaking Chicken Nuggets!  Isn't that every parents answer?  Maybe?  Well ... it is the answer for the Moore household.

-Why are 3D movies so darn expensive?

    No really ... does anyone have the answer for that?  Good lord they are expensive!!!

They could always try ...

-What show was Donna Martin on?

    NO ONE would get this one wrong!!!  90210, baby!!!  The ALL TIME BEST SHOW EVER (YES ... that statement deserves all caps!!!)

My Mom use to tell me that she always wondered how I could know the lyrics to every song possible ... but not know my spelling words.  I am gonna have to agree with her on that one.  Mom ... you were right!  I know WAY to many pointless things in life.  I want my brain back!!!  I think the "education" part of my brain takes up about 30% (give or take a percentage here or there) ... and then reality tv, current events and lyrics of songs takes up the rest.

Anyone want me to sing the theme song to Dora the Explorer? 

I can! 


*rolling eyes*


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