Friday, April 23, 2010

Eythen and his hats ...

Eythen's preschool makes hats/crowns sometimes in their art center.  Eythen LOVES HAT/CROWN day at preschool.  He normally gets off the bus with this crazy hat/crown on his head ... not minding AT ALL ... that not one single other kid has a hat/crown their head.  He is just smiling from ear to ear ... which makes me smile from ear to ear.  I secretly must admit ... I enjoying scanning the bus windows for Eythen's little head, as all the youngin's are coming off the bus ... wondering if  "today was a hat/crown day" for Eythen. 

Anyways ... I have tried really hard over the past 2 years to remember to snap a photo of Eythen with his preschool hats/crown on.  Unfortunately ... I know I have missed some ... but here are a few photos over the past few years with Eythen and his ever so stylish-stop traffic-how cute are you hats.

This was his very first hat that he ever made ... when he began preschool in February of 2008.

Those red and yellow things are suspose to be crayons on their crown.
Not sure why??? 
Like I said ... crazy hats at times.

No caption needed here.
I am to busy laughing at the hat ...

There must have been a lesson on giraffe's???
Just a guess???

When I saw this one ... I could not help but smile/laugh ...
when Eythen came off the bus with 8 legs hanging off of his head. 

Of course each kiddo gets a crown to wear on their birthday at school!!!

This was his most recent crown/hat he brought home.
In case you are wondering why he is making that face in the photo ...
He was "acting" like "Oh my gosh their is a large lady bug on my head". 
Yeah ... I am thinking we will stick to sports with Eythen ... not acting.  *wink*

As I was going through some past photos of Eythen and his ever so famous preschool hats/crowns.  I noticed he has a little bit of an obsession for hats.

Preschooler by day ... Pirate by night.  Argh Matey!!! 
Give me a cookie ... or off with your head.

The famous "train conductor hat" that he wore FOREVER when he was 2 and 3.

I am not really sure what he was thinking at this point in time???  I had to turn this photo to black and white though ... because he has on one of his sisters hot pink boots.  haa haa

Eythen at his 3 year old birthday party. 
Notice the "train conductor hat" ... again!!!

Don't you just wanna spread him on a cracker and eat him up.  So stinking cute!!!

Didn't you know that SpiderMan was a football player, too?!?!?!
(SpiderMan also enjoyed building things with blocks)

And yes ... he did eventually tackle the dog. 
We had to set some new "house rules" after this football game was completed.

OH YES!!!  The "train conductor hat" shows up again!!!

Hold on ... the "hat blog" is not over just yet!!!  Clint has also bought Eythen his fair share of KU hats.  I am pretty sure ... from the moment Eythen could sit up on his own ... Clint was putting hats on his big 'ol melon.

Eythen heading off to Opening Game Day for KU football. 

Yes ... he did actually wear this KU football helmet around the house ALOT!!!  He quickly realized though ... that it needed to come off for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The face mask did not really allow his little hands to get those chicken nuggets into his mouth very easily.

This photo was taken right before Clint took Eythen to his very first KU basketball game. 


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