Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stock Market ...

I am really thinking, that buying some stock in Lysol or Clorox Bleach, is a good investment for me and my family.  After the past week that we have had ... Heaven knows that I have bought it by the gallon to sanitize our home.

We just got over the puking flu that tore through our family last week ... and I just cleaned (aka: scrubbed) every inch of the house .. disinfected it ... and had it smelling "back to normal" ... *sigh*.  BUT ... nothing is EVER normal in our house.  NEVER!!!  Now Eythen is sick again. Poor baby has a fever of 102.5 ... but insist he is not sick because he can eat this time and not throw up after he swallows his food. That is a bonus ... I guess!?!?!


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