Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coach Moore ...

My husband was hanging out after work one evening at the Salty Iguana ... having a beer with one of the guys that he works with.  AND ... he met Coach Bill Self!!!  OH YES!!!  You read right!!!  My husband met Lawrence's very own Super Star!!!

My first reply was ... Did you get him to sign anything?
Clint replied with ... What?  My work shirt?
Ummm ... seemed like a good idea to me!!!

My 2nd reply was ... Did you ask him if we could meet Sherron Collins?
Clint laughed and said ... Darn it!  I knew I was forgetting something.

Anyways ... Clint shook hands with him and had a conversation.  How cool is that!?!?!  Freaking Bill Self!!!  Yes ... it is the little things in life that amaze us!!!  And ... the factor that we live and breath KU basketball ... made it all that more "cool" to us.  *smile*

I also asked Clint ... So did you give him all of the coaching tips that you are always screaming at the tv when KU is playing?
Clint "sarcasticly" stated ... I sure did!  No need to worry about winning the next game.  We have it in the bag.  Coach Self is gonna use everything that I just taught him.

Go Coach Moore!  In no time flat ... you will be a head coach!!!  Well ... even if it is for Eythen's Little League ... it is still a head coach position!!! 

Rock Chalk!!!


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