Thursday, January 7, 2010

The man of my dreams ...

A friends of mine was talking the other day about wanting to finally meet the "Man of her Dreams".  Well, it got me thinking about the "Man of my Dreams".  When I was a little girl ... I had created who this guy would be.  I even daydreamed every now on then ... about that exact moment we would cross pathes with one another.  The "Man of my Dreams" was out there somewhere ... and I could not wait to meet him.

Hit the forward button ... so we can avoid the moments where I got my heart broken & the other "learning moments" in between.  We arrive to August of 1998.  The exact moment in my life ... when things would never be the same again.  The moment when I would realize, that everything I had imagined growing up ... no longer mattered.  Clint was definately not the vision that I had made the "Man of my Dreams" out to be in my head.  As a matter of fact ... he was nothing like the "Man of my Dreams".  Truth be told ... the "Man of my Dreams" ... well ... he does not even come close to holding a candle in the wind to my Clinton.  Clint is so much more than the "Man of my Dreams" ever could be or wanted to be. 

Hit the forward button one more time, & skip past the hard times & awkard "learning moments" in our marriage.  We arrive to January 2010.  The "Man of my Dreams" no longer even exist in my mind anymore ... I can not even tell you how I imagined him when I was a younger girl.  I can not remember if he had blonde or brown hair ... brown or blue eyes ... was he tall or average height???  The "Man of my Dreams" is a distant faded vision in the back of my mind. 

After nearly 10 years of marriage ... Clint still takes my breath away.  I still get butterflies in my tummy when he holds my hand.  To this day, I get weak in the knees when he kisses me.  Clint is everything that I never knew I needed ... & yet ... he is everything that I always knew I wanted.  Just when I do not think I could possibly love this man more than I do at that exact moment ... I fall deeper in love with him the following day. 

Because of that exact moment in August of 1998 ... my life is now complete.  Clint Moore is the "Man of my Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" ... & in my book ... that is so much more than the "Man of my Dreams" ever could be.


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