Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back among the living ...

Holy Cow!!!  I can NOT remember the last time that I have been so darn sick.  Normally, I am the one that is taking care of everyone else ... and I somehow always seem to avoid it.  Not this time!  I was the first one to get it ... and I was down and out for the count!!!

Monday morning when I was getting the girls ready for school, I suddenly did not feel so well.  I can not be getting sick ... I do not have time to get sick.  Unfortunately, by the time Eythen and I got back from taking the girls to school ... I was praying for someone to come and carry me up the stairs and put me into bed. 

I think I better call in and request a sick day.  Wait a minute!  What is the number a Mommy calls when she is sick?!?!?!  Is it a 1-800 number?  Is it unlisted?  Was it given out on the one day I missed at lamaze class?  Can I find it in the yellow pages?  Was it is in the book, "What to expect when you are expecting" that every soon-to-be Mom buys?  Maybe if I google it?  CRAP!!!  I do not remember receiving this phone number when I left the hospital with any of my kids!!!

As the day dragged on and on and on ... Eythen only came and requested/asked for a few things through out the day ... while I went back and forth from laying on the bathroom floor to crawling into bed.  For example:

"Can I have a pop tart?" 
I'd say, "Sure Eythen, I do not care."

"Can I have an Oreo?" 
After being woke up I said, "Go for it buddy!"

"Mommy!  I just got 1st place on Mario Kart!" 
As I was laying on the bathroom floor (which he did not seem to find the least bit odd when he was telling me about Mario Kart.)  I put a smile on my face and told him, "That is amazing little man!"

"Can I have another Oreo?" 
He, had a sweet little grin on his face.  So I HAD to reply with, "I guess so, Eythen."

"Can I play on the computer?" 
I looked at his big blue eyes and said, "Only if you play on the websites that I have wrote down, Eythen."

"Can I have another Oreo?" 
HUH?!?!?!  I had to flash him a confused look with this Oreo dilema that he was putting in front of me. 
I asked him, "How many times have I said yes to this question?" 
He looked at me with an innoncent grin and said, "I think just one time, Mommy." 
He was being such a good boy the whole entire morning ... and I did not have the energy to even debate it.  "Oh what the heck, Eythen.  I do not care."

"When is it time for me to go to school?" 
HUH?!?!?! SCHOOL?!?!?!  F*#%!!!  I totally forgot about getting Eythen to preschool.  Opps!!! 
I replied with, "Sorry Eythen, you do not have preschool today.  The teachers are not even there." 

Now Now Now ... don't judge me for that.  If you were on your death bed ... I am pretty sure you would tell my little E-Man the same exact thing.  So SHHH!!!!  Let's just keep this between you and me.  *wink*  *wink*  MUM's the word on the school bit if it EVER comes up in conversation between you and the little guy at the Moore house.  In ways ... it was for the best.  Remember all the times I said yes to the Oreo's???  Well, the evidence was staring me back in the face.  It would have taken me hours to scrub off the ring of black that surrounded his little mouth.

OH S*#@!!!  It was the moment that I was secretly dreading since I had realized that Mom's do not get to call in sick ... 3:00 ... school is out for Breeanna and Harleigh.  Must. Get. Up.  So ... while I was looking oh so hot  (I had not combed my hair once the whole entire day) in my oversized sweatshirt and PJ pants on ... I moaned and groaned ... and drug myself out of bed and down the stairs. 

Once we FINALLY pulled back into the driveway ... I was finally safe back in my house with my bathroom floor just a few feet away from me.  As I drug myself inside ... I informed the girls that they were in charge of themselves ... and I went back to praying that someone would come and carry me back up the stairs.  I then continued my ritual for the day of laying on the bathroom floor and crawling back into Clint's and my bed.  I only heard a few:

"Hey that is MINE!"
"Give me that BACK!"
"You are not the boss of me!"
"I had that first."
"I am going to go tell Mommy!"
which I would hollar down the stairs ... "Mommy does not really care right now."

Then ... sometimes ... there would be udder and complete ... silence!!!  This can be a deadly thing in our house.  That is when you have NO IDEA what is going on.  There could be glitter all over the floor, sharpie markers all over the hallway, things being dropped down the toilet to see if they float, someone sucker punched a fellow family member, the dog could possibly be getting a new hair-do ... really ... in our house ... there could be numerous things going on if all you hear is silence or the faint sound of giggles every now and then in the house.  BUT ... if I wanted to know what was going on ... that meant crawling out of bed and praying for someone to carry me down the stairs ... and that was just not gonna happen.  They would be fine ... wouldn't they?

Of all the days for Clint to work late ... it HAD to be the ONE day that I was sick.  I did not hear Eythen's footsteps running across the living room floor followed by, "Daddy's home!" until well after 6:00.  Now ... Daddy was in charge. 

I had fallen back asleep and was woke up to Harleigh, standing at the edge of the bed, staring at me.  She smiled and gave me this sweet little wave that she always does when she wants something. 

She then asked me, "Can we watch some tv when we go to bed?" 

Bedtime?  It was already 7:30/7:45ish?  I glanced at the clock to see it looking back at me with the bright red numbers of 8:45!  HUH?!?!? 

I looked at her and said, "What in the world is your Dad doing having you up this late?"  She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, we just got done eating dinner." 

Boy oh boy. 

I hollared down the stairs to Clint, "The kids should have been in bed a long time ago, Clinton." 

I then heard my layed back husband reply with, "I am getting them there ... in just a few minutes." 

Whatever ... they got fed dinner at least, right!?!?! 

I decided not to even ask if the clothes were layed out for the morning or if their reading was done or if rooms were picked up or if showers were taken or if ... well ... you get my point.  Suddenly, my layed back husband came walking into our room with a caring smile on his face, carring glass of Sprite for me ... and that was all that mattered at that very moment.

Here we are ... nearly 2 days later ... and I am pretty sure I am gonna be cleaning up the after math of the tornado that ripped through my house from these past 2 days ... for the next week. 

In case you are wondering what happened on Tuesday ... it was the same 'ol song and dance for the most part.  Well, I guess there was one exception ... Eythen could not ask me for any Oreo's all day long.  Reason being ... he ate them all the day before.


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